Makes Me Want To Have Telly

Wife-unit and I once didn’t have a telly. Man, were we the intellectual hot-shit back then. “Oh what you doing tonight? Home for a quiet night in and the Champions League?”, a colleague would ask. “Me? Me? No no no. (Shaking head underlining the folly of his thinking) We don’t have a television. We’ll just probably read some Proust or work on our papier maché model of the Parthenon.”

Then we got a TV and it was sweet. But sometimes we, meaning I, want to have more than the basic four stations: Poverty 1, Poverty 2, Trash 3 and Native-speakers Play Country Music 4. It’s not even that I would like to have more stations. I would just like better reception. Don’t tell anyone, but we download our telly off the web mostly. Illegally, no doubt. Even shows that we can see on the terrestrial stations like Lost come through so fuzzy via our rabbit ears that it is infinitely better to watch it on a PC. Plus, we see them faster that way.

We have a dish sitting on the side of our house but we don’t know what to do with it or how much it costs or what you can get and I suspect we’d just conclude that life is easier with our constant re-runs of Friends and shows about the Irish coastline shot from a helicopter in 1975.

But then you hear about a show like the one last night where E from the Eels talked about his relationship with his dead dad who developed the theory of parallel universes and you think, “damn, I’d like some of that action”. It was on BBC4. I didn’t even know it went more than 2. BBC4! That’s 2 louder, innit? I can just imagine the bit with the thunder clap. Would have been class.

I was too busy watching Heroes on my computer. How the mighty intellectual hot-shit has fallen…

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3 Responses to “Makes Me Want To Have Telly”

  1. WhyNotSmile says:

    Read this for my friend’s account of how to get connected to teh outside world when you live in The Paddy Republic:

  2. espero says:

    Happy Birthday to Zoom
    Happy Birthday to Zoom
    Happy Birthday dear Zoomie
    Happy Birthday to you

    have a great day,
    espero and jayber

  3. zoomtard says:

    I spent it with my co-workers in the merry band of travelling salesmen for God. It was actually brilliant. 🙂