Transformed By The Renewing Of Your Conferences

Myself and some equally handsome young men and one brainiac woman who was willing to deign to share her ideas with us got together a while back and figured out what Irish Christianity needed.

We decided it needs more handsome young men who are paid preposterous sums of money to read books but seeing as that can’t happen easily, we organised another conference.

This will be an outstanding and very different kind of conference though:

IFES Ireland: The 'Mind Your Head' Conference

The Mind Your Head Conference will run from February 1-3 2008 in the historic and beautiful southern campus of Maynooth College and it will bring together experts from around Ireland and further afield to get people thinking about what it means to be a Christian who has a brain. We think this will be interesting to many Christians because many of you want brains and some of you have them already. Plus, it’s in Maynooth, which is like a little bit of heaven, but with less coastline.

Zoomtard Hero #6, Prof. Stephen Williams, is going to be delivering the keynote addresses, inspired by the great quote from Dutch Prime-Minister Abraham Kuyper,

There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all,does not cry: ‘Mine!’

There will be seminars on ethics, arts, science, faith in a pluralistic society and environmentalism. You will choose one area to major in and get to visit crash courses in two other areas. Alongside this there will be live music, film nights and did I mention it was in Maynooth.

Download the pdf here and send it back to IFES Ireland to book a place.

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8 Responses to “Transformed By The Renewing Of Your Conferences”

  1. lilytodd says:

    I love your publicity, very sharp.

    You should have a creche. Youth is wasted on the young, this sounds a great conference, students these days have all the fun.

  2. potato says:

    “to get people thinking about what it means to be a Christian who has a brain”

    it means you don’t have a brain? I’m sorry, that’s harsh but I couldn’t resist 😉 Great blog as ever.

  3. zoomtard says:

    Welcome back Spud. When are you resurrecting that blog of yours? I guess you didn’t read the next sentence, “…interesting to many Christians because many of you want brains and some of you have them already”

    We humans call that “Earth-humour”.

    Lily, go hassle Sam and ask him about a créche. It’s not a stinking idea actually, it’s just maybe too big a distraction from what we’re meant to be about when we have so few logistical resources…?

  4. lilytodd says:

    I agree, totally distracting, I was being facetious, don’t worry.

    In another life I would be right there in the front row with my note book and pen.

    Espero and I can start our own smart mummy club.

  5. the soapbox says:

    maybe we could do some sort of live web streaming videolink thing – does vox’s phone not do everything you could possibly think of?

  6. jimlad says:

    Yeah soapbox, definitely. I say we make up a rota. I’ll take the 9-5 shift where the students and graduates get to see what it looks like for an intelligent Christian to work in the business world. You can share the rest out amongst yourselves. Em, I don’t quite see the point in this Stephen Williams guy saying anything at the seminar since everyone will be watching our video conference anyway: Real Christians, using their (impressive) brains.

    He could always watch and learn along with the rest of them.

  7. zoomtard says:

    They might get distracted by my weblink streaming real life of the cutting edge of church ministry when you have a brain, which consists of me sitting in my pjs watching The Office with a Bible in the room…

  8. Vox O'Malley says:

    reading this from my phone. If only I could see you all 🙂