While The Coffee Is Brewing

Maybe I should pay heed to Doug Willis’ advice to not hand over my agenda to the quarrelers.

Allegedly, on 2FM’s Gerry Ryan morning radio show recently, an obviously misled woman rang in to complain about the fact that Bibles were secretly being stuffed into the Operation Christmas Child gift boxes. The head of Samartian’s Purse, Niall Barry rang in to correct the error. Short, linguistically localised tracts about the nativity are sometimes distributed alongside but seperate from the boxes but there is no Bible-stuffing going on. Another woman then rang in and got Franklin Graham, founder of Samartian’s Purse and son of the Zoomtard Legend #4 Billy Graham with the old hate-filled man who heads up the so called Westboro “Baptist Church”. This clip of a Louis Theroux documentary shows Fred Phelp’s crew, who have no connection with Samartian’s Purse. This is what Operation Christmas Child is about. The whole point of Operation Christmas Child, especially from the perspective of its Christian founders, is that the gifts are unconditional.

Here are allegedly, the top 87 worst predictions ever made. It doesn’t include my secondary school class naming me the most likely to be an underwear model.

Finally and best of all, the splendorous Malcolm Gladwell is back with a brilliant article about the so-called insight of criminal profiling. Ideal for printing out and reading over a short commute. By the way, anyone remember that awful show “Profiler“, which was like a precursor to the CSI-spermandbloodontelly invasion of the ’00s? No? Didn’t think so.

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  1. Babette says:

    I remember Profiler. Dark rooms, lowered voices. Great stuff.