Girls That Sing Songs They Wrote V

There is such a huge backlog of YouTube videos featuring female singer songwriters that I could make Stig swallow a Costa Rican turd while admitting he was wrong about the casual comment he made once a long time ago.

Some people would let it go, not me. I am not some person. I am the guy who drains all the fun out of casual comments.

You need St. Vincent to put the fun back in. I am not just listing her because I have the most awfully huge crush on her (not as bad as the Jenny Lewis crush but bad all the same). She was in Sufjan Steven’s band and the Polyphonic Spree and her real name is Annie Clark and she is a funny lyricist which always helps. And her album Marry Me is named after Maeby’s catchphrase in Arrested Development and it’s top class.

So here is Jesus Saves, I Spend, a song written and performed by a girl, thus proving they are at least as good as monkey-men. The extended intro is totally new from the album but it’s sweet.

She’s playing Belfast tonight and Dublin tomorrow by the way.

Your Correspondent, his hands are black inside this downtown taxi cab

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