What Magic Are These Laws?

Somewhere, sometime, some guy told me a story about some sisters. One was five and just starting school and the other was nine and ready to take over the world. They were on holidays and late one night they saw a shooting star. The younger girl was filled with excitement and loudly proclaimed, “That is a magical star falling to Earth and I will wish on it for the future!” Her dismissive older sister, proving her sophisticated maturity, shot her down with disgust, “You are so stupid!”, she said, “That’s a dead lump of rock that’s going to burn up into nothingness before it even hits the ground”.

The religionist thinks the younger girl is right. The empiricist thinks the older girl is right. The Father knows they will both remain wrong until they realise both are right.

Your Correspondent, Refuses to collapse the Magic into Law or let either take the place of Grace.

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