Summing Up That Big Orange Book

I read a big orange theology book on my holidays. I’d sum it up like this.

Christians have often said that Satan makes the theatre his church. They failed to understand that God wants the church to be his theatre.

Your Correspondent, The Bible doesn’t mention him, even once

9 Responses to “Summing Up That Big Orange Book”

  1. Greymalkin says:

    Jeremiah 5:16

    Quivers comes up

  2. zoomtard says:

    Explain your wisdom, wise one.

  3. Greymalkin says:

    The Bible does mention you,in a roundabout way.One of the many ‘nick-names’ bestowed upon you during your time behind the iron curtain was ‘Quivers’. It’s all about interpretation v’s the literal really.Quivers being the former,Genesis 1-3 being the latter!

  4. zoomtard says:

    I forgot why I might have been called Quivers in Leninland. I’m not so sure I like the Biblical mention. I am tool of the enemy of the people of God and like an open grave in my brutality? Thanks God. I would have preferred “Quivers is a charming and handsome young man with excellent taste in music”

  5. Greymalkin says:

    I just threw in Gen3 mention for you to take the bait,which you didn’t.I’ll never doubt you again Zoomy/Quivers, except if i’m ever in a situation where I may doubt you

  6. zoomtard says:

    Maybe God could add, “… and a chip on his shoulder about the relationship between faith and science” to my Biblical mention? Would that appease you, RELAYrunt?

  7. Greymalkin says:

    RELAYrunt? That hurts, Zoomtard,deep. and uncalled for. You forget where I’m from Zoomy,how can I think anything else? 🙂

    Also 10 in 10mths?

  8. zoomtard says:

    10 in 10 months. I’ll do 11 in 10.

  9. Greymalkin says: