Oh, And Another Thing

It isn’t a new album but it is new to me, Simon and Garfunkel’s reunion concert in the park is musically perfect. The only flaw with it is that Paul Simon lets Art Garfunkel talk. Everytime he speaks, I get itchy hands. Hands itchy for some wedgying because he is such a poindexter. “Get off the stage you talentless freak!” is what I would have shouted.

On my holidays I also saw seven minutes of Grey’s Anatomy and I feel it was sufficient for me to pass judgement on it as the worst piece of poo to grace our TV screens that wasn’t “reality” or about desperate housewives. It is about desperate doctors though; beautiful women who seem utterly incomplete without a man to have a sexual relationship with. It even has a voice-over so that the dumb kids in the audience can follow. And it is so cute the way it uses hip bands to carry along the momentum during its many surgery-to-bed montages. The OC and Desperate Housewives had a baby, Satan was the fertility doctor and Grey’s Lobotomy is the result.

By the time you read this, I should be in Edinburgh for two days of theologising where I get to sit taking notes at a conference much much too smart for the likes of me. It will rock!

Your Correspondent, Hopes to have riled Babette

5 Responses to “Oh, And Another Thing”

  1. Commander Zoom!

    Wonderful as ever to read your dispatches from the theological frontline – but “We also saw Raising Arizona which like all Coen Brothers films is adorable but it basically leaves you feeling a little underwhelmed.”

    I agree that RA and Hudsucker Proxy would work more beautifully as 60min marvels, but The Big Lebowski is the Hamlet of our generation – the achievement which secures the siblings’ spot in the pantheon. It captures the laziness of imperial excess with the precision that Dr Strangelove epitomised the terrifying absurdity of the Kissinger era.

    I have yet to see the anatomical programme, but have you watched The Wire? I think it might scratch a cultural itch…

    Furthermore, care to start a campaign for HBO to pick up The West Wing and for David Lynch to direct The Hobbit?

    Enjoy the last hurrah of summer!


  2. Grey’s Anatomy is like Scrubs without the humour and with more melodrama. Why be funny when you can be “quirky”? Also, sexual relationships are complicated, and the best way of dealing with that complication is with angst!

  3. Babette says:

    Not riled, but not to be goaded into trying to defend the cheap and sugary pleasure of mindless, mindless television. Not to be goaded I.

  4. zoomtard says:

    Damnit! Well look at little Ms Fancypants. She’s much too mature to get annoyed at someone for the offence of not liking the same shows on the boobbox.

    A David Lynch directed Hobbit would either be the most brilliant thing to ever happen in a darkened room, ever, or as unimaginable car-crashy as a drama about Darfur starring Robin Williams as a zany doctor and Angelina Jolie as his brilliant but mercurial assistant.

  5. Grey’s Anatomy is immediately deserving of scorn simply because it incorporates the main character’s name into the title (see also ‘Judging Amy’ and ‘Crossing Jordan’). The Wire is hands down the best television program made in the past 400 years. Dexter, with that guy from Six Feet Under, is also quite excellent. Finally, Entourage nicely satisfies all my cheap, sugary, mindless needs.