Joy Is A Moral Good

Every month on Zoomtard, I chop and change the banner. It’s usually extraordinarily complex graphic design that ends up there. You didn’t notice? Perhaps your browser doesn’t render it right? Maybe you should download Unobtainofox, a hip new browser you have to be invited to download and then you’ll see my digital-da-Vinci-ness.

This month, as the non blind amongst you can see, the banner reads joy is a moral good. I decided on this title one late July evening. Wife unit was fiddling around on the pc, I was reading the last Harry Potter, we were drinking beer and eating tasty delicious stupidly cheap nachos and life was good. Then a friend rang the wife unit and in the course of a long conversation she heard a story that kind of broke our hearts while also enraging us. This friend is a Christian. She is also a really cool person. She is also a really accomplished person who spends her working life making up cures for fatal diseases. And when I say making up I don’t mean in a crystals and herbs and potions kind of way, I mean in a lab with bunsen burners and test tubes like on CSI. I have only ever watched CSI once and it featured the Suicide Girls. My impression of it is very low. But my impression of real science is very high and this friend is very definitely a real scientist.

So, we have a cool, very smart Christian girl. The story she told was one about a long term colleague and his leaving party. She gets on brilliantly in the lab with her other eggheads. So she goes out for dinner with them and she is having such a fine and dandy time that she decides to go on to a nightclub. There she danced and drank (moderately!) and had an absolute blast. And then a week later in the course of another conversation she asks wife-unit if there was anything wrong with being in the nightclub and enjoying it so much. She described her thinking this way, “I felt like I shouldn’t be enjoying this so much.”

The reason she felt that way was that she is, I feel, in a cancerous but all too common Christian environment that fails to understand that joy is a moral good. There is nothing wrong with it. It’s not just neutral, it is good. How freaking basic can you get here? How fundamental an error can a community of people make? A community of people who follow a God who makes 500 litres of the finest wine as his arrival-on-the-scene miracle?!

This revulsion of joy is heresy. I am more confident about dropping the H-Bomb here than I am in any other area- it is heresy (of the Manichean, Gnostic order) to believe that the world and its pleasures are inherently sinful. It, like all heresy, strips the church of its vibrancy and its ability to truly proclaim the coming and already here Kingdom of God. Our friend expected that her church buddies would lament at how she could revel in that den of sin. My response to anyone who says that nightclubs (why stop there- football stadiums too, supermarkets as well, don’t forget libraries!) are places of sin is to remind them that my church is full of sin. If you have to stay away from nightclubs, you better stay away from church. Sin is not something out there in the world lying in wait amidst the tall grasses, counting the seconds until it can pounce on you. Sin is something that parasitically holds you captive. Sin is sown in your heart and harvested in your actions. You don’t need the “World” to incite it in you. This is one of the mistakes of the hermit monks- a life spent in isolation is a life that has an infinite supply of sinful opportunities because it is spent with yourself. Humans are sin factories. If bad things happen in nightclubs, it’s not the building’s fault, or the music’s but the people.

Christianity is not a religion of law and rules. It is not a life of asceticism to be lived in frugal discomfort. The Christ that our friend proclaims is the Christ who spurned the religious leaders to eat with the whores. He is the Christ who celebrated the glory of life, who loved eating with friends, who loved the world and all his grandeur that can still be seen in it.

Some people who wouldn’t call themselves Christians still read Zoomtard and his verbose rambling even though he always waffles about theological topics. It would make Zoomtard’s year if by some wonderful enlightenment you realised that the son of God really was resurrected one Pesach. But if that day ever happens, never let yourself get caught up in world-denying religion. The soul is not at war with the body. There is no reason to fear any place. Joy is a moral good.

Your Correspondent, thinks the Feast of Cana couldn’t hold a match to Lisdoonvarna

2 Responses to “Joy Is A Moral Good”

  1. Steffy B says:

    Amen, amen, amen, amen. The best post you have written ever.

  2. jimlad says:

    Joy is so 33AD.