Clear The Stage. He’s Busting A Move

Christopher Hitchens published a book recently called God Is Not Great and he has been making quite a fuss about it. Douglas Wilson undoubtedly won their debate and he has had quite a kicking around the place recently. I was shocked to read in an interview in the Atlantic Monthly how he remixed these various intellectual losses to make them sound like brushes with crazies. Atlantic is a subscriber only site but the brilliant GetReligion covers the duplicity here. Integrity eh?

I have been enjoying the brilliant Scotteriology recently. (Soteriology is the technical term for the study of salvation, so its a pun, but forgive him cos he is funny). He is a former professional ice hockey player turned seminarian. He has a genuinely good sense of humour which is rare for us God-botherers. I’m not sure if I can go all the way with him in his reasoning but I liked, as usual, his post on Hitchens here.

Praise be to God Almighty that the UN has agreed to deploy a 26000 strong force to Darfur. But it is not the only crisis that requires our intervention. Zimbabwe is finally surely, crawling into the grave Mugabe has been busy digging for it over the last years. Samantha Power wrote an amazing article in the Atlantic almost four years ago about the chaos that ruled in what was once known as Rhodesia. Samantha Power by the way is back in Ireland this month for the Kilkenny Arts festival. You should go hear the most compelling Irish-born person since MC Hammer (he was brought up in Roscommon). Failing that, you should read her breathtaking, tear inducing A Problem From Hell.

Here is a weird and sad story about a double suicide in New York that may have been prompted by Scientololgy harassment. I’ll leave it at that since who can say any more at this stage.

Finally, remember I talked about the mathematics of the Mobius Strip? How can you forget, you all roar back me. I have a really bad Mobius strip joke.

q. Why did the chicken cross the mobius strip?

a. To get to the same side

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