Where You Learn To Collect Coins!

A wee while back Babette shared some of her secrets with us, inspired by PostSecret. PostSecret, by the way, is the website that convinces God not to destroy the web in his righteous wrath.

I still harbour hopes one day of actually having the skill required to make some submissions myself but here are some rejects.

I was born with six fingers on my right hand
The doctors cut the extra one off and disposed of it on my first day.

I’m a 25 year old man
who doesn’t really know how to shave.

At 6 years old, with a bunch of friends, I wrote offensive things about a girl who lived on another road with chalk on a wall.
I still pray that she didn’t see it before it got washed off by rain.

I have an urge to keep flushing the toilet in my new bathroom for no other reason than it is new.

Your Correspondent, Chose the CrapRidder over the Powerflush 4000

2 Responses to “Where You Learn To Collect Coins!”

  1. Pretentious Neighbour says:

    I find PostSecret interesting, but mostly pretentious. Am I the only one? Doesn’t needing some kind of ‘skill’ to make a submission sort of defeat the point?

    It reminds me of melancholy novels about narcissistic twentysomethings.

    So there.


  2. zoomtard says:

    New secret for me to share:

    I think my pretentious neighbour might be an alien.