A Post 8 Months In The Making

Why would you be part of a church? Calvin said ethics was really aesthetics. Church is like a grand orchestra. If you hear the melody clearly, the lyrics just stick. If you know the words, you gotta sing along.

Your Correspondent, More proud of this than a million other words

3 Responses to “A Post 8 Months In The Making”

  1. jimlad says:

    Who? (looks around) Me? I just join to keep it real, man (offers a splif with a nod of the head). You know, I think you’ve really got somethin’. Church can be dangerous. Don’t rely on it. Moment you start relyin’ on it you lose somethin’. You go cos you got God, and it helps you cos they got God too so you all know the words. I don’t know much Churches were people go unless they know they need something. Society’s too rich, man. They don’t need you, so, I gotta pray now. See ya round bro.

  2. heathen says:

    Hey! Who was that guy? He was so cool? What? He was a Christian? I’m going to join a Church now.

  3. zoomtard says:

    Wow. If only I could be cool like JUMLADE!