Voices Escape Singing Sad Sad Songs

So having spent the evening with my best friends I now get to sit here and drink beer bought by someone else, listen to Clem Snide and share all the cool things I read over the last few days with you. Life is sweet. Yes indeedy.

So let us start with romance. The Möbius strip is probably not considered the stuff of gooey, doe-eyed sentimentality by many people but not many people have an engagement ring that is a diamond encrusted Möbius strip. Neuro has. How cool is that?

I need to give you a few more moments to take that in. No fuck-off look-at-me diamond for my wife. Instead a paradoxical infinite extrapolation of a 2-dimensional shape into 3-D. There is now a method to predict what shape the strip will take which actually might make conveyor belts more efficient. That means you get your very trendy sushi faster and cheaper. That means it should be of interest to you and you can quit mocking me now.

National Geographic have a brilliant (but long loading) simulation of the effects of global warming. This isn’t really funny anymore. We are screwing ourselves pretty badly. Well, at least we are definitely screwing the Tuvaluns. When the Rapture comes or we all die, it seems we will be forgotten by our planet surprisingly rapidly. Within a few generations it will be hard to know who we really were. That is a strangely comforting thought, that the Earth is not going to be ruined by us. We’re just going to be ruined by us. If you feel like really using your time well, you could listen to this shockingly fine sermon about the theology of environmentalism.

There was a great Dilbert blog a while back where Scott Adams asked people to describe their job in one sentence. The thing is that they had to describe their jobs in a similar style to Dogbert, the VP of Marketing who says:

Its my job to spray
paint this turd.

So I thought about this and decided as a staff member of a church, my job is to speak a lot of shit that somehow reaches for the divine.

Either that or pass off the turd that is the church as something God likes. What is it for you?

Before I leave, does anyone actually want to read a Zoomtard where he shares his opinion on the Pope’s latest comments about us non-Romans being not real Christians? I won’t add to the gigabytes already dedicated to it on the web if there isn’t actually anyone in to it that much.

Your Correspondent, Thinks Jurgen has too much ability to piss it away at Brainwashing School, I mean, Bible College

3 Responses to “Voices Escape Singing Sad Sad Songs”

  1. WhyNotSmile says:

    You had me at the Mobius Strip. Neuro has all the coolest stuff.

    I want to hear about your opinions on the Pope. I was going to opine on this myself, in an upcoming blog entry, but I hadn’t really formed an opinion yet, so if you do one then I can steal yours. Thanks.

  2. the Pope, the Pope.
    maybe he just got out of papal bed on the wrong side that morning

  3. Peebles says:

    Of course we want to read your thoughts on Papal controversy! Why else would we use the internet?

    I actually quite like what he said, in a through the looking glass kind of way. On Sundays I go to an ecclesial community which I value and love. Neither I nor Ratzinger would see this as the church in its entirety and glory. None of us are going to have any comprehension of its scale and beauty until its final revealing. But we’re becoming the church as we let the Holy Spirit work in our lives, as we’re slowly possessed by love, and as church “happens” in our communion together.

    I’ve just started his Jesus of Nazareth and am quite enjoying it.