His Faith Was Strong, He Needed Proof

If I look appallingly smug over here, worry not, its just that I reconfigured Saturdays to make them rock a little bit more. That is why you had so much fun today. Stop with the applause already. It gets tiresome being met with ovations everywhere I go. My butcher actually dropped a big meat carcasse on the ground in his haste to congratulate me on the perfect mix of reading, music, technical make-wizardry and ice-cream that has constituted my blissful Saturday.

I’m wearing shorts.

I still have a beard.

This is what happens when I am not fretting about preaching the next morning. I remember why Saturdays are so cool. I can’t even be bothered to go watch a movie outside in the city. That has nothing to do with being stood up by Babette. At all.

Instead I’m going to eat heart-destroying food (the butcher gave me the meat cheap cos it had sawdust all over it) and watch a dreadfully brilliant made-for-TV Stephen King adaptation.

If you want the same glee I have enjoyed, I shall share with you some tips:

#1: Get the Holy Spirit to dwell in you. Only kidding! I’d never ram Christianity down your throat like that.


#2: Watch the Beastie Boys team up with Elvis Costello

#3: Go visit this great blog I found via Danzan by a Christian writer in Engerland who obviously shares a concern with the environment that is refreshing and inspiring.

#4: Via Boing Boing, check out this astounding prophecy of late American-empire policy in Iran, in comic book form, from 1952. Then go watch Rob Newman’s History of Oil again cos no one took me seriously when I said it was the best stand up comedy show that doubled as a political history lecture I have seen since my dad did his famous An Coillte routine over Christmas about Irish forestry.

My dad doesn’t do stand up comedy. At least intentionally. I am living in a dream world.

#5: You could just read about the Simpsons. Its probably the second best thing to watching it.

My friend C texted me with the text of a billboard in Dublin city.

“The Lord Jesus said, Unless you repent you too will all perish”.

Did he! Really? Where? When? Also what is “repent” and how can people perish. We’re not apples! Billboard Jesus sure doesn’t make much sense. Maybe that cash might have been better spent on micro-finance projects or even some fecking Bibles to throw through people’s windows since that would be at least marginally more productive than random, out-of-context, largely meaningless words expensively hoisted onto the side of a bookmakers on Pearse St.

I had a lot more to say but my intern, the Third K has just shown up on the doorstep for the first time in a month (he was away doing meaningful things and making the world a better brighter place) and that means we have to slouch in front of HORROR!

Here he is with our friend Joel on a London bus. So cute, the two of them. They look like they are extras from One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest; the enthusiastic chirpy one we all love (who once went on a rampage and killed his granny) and the sad, quiet one who it turns out is a maths genius. Thanks to that Emory woman for the photo.

Joel and Keith in London

Your Correspondent, Putting the fear of God into your children

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