Portions For Foxes

There are some musicians I don’t think I can get tired of. Jenny Lewis is definitely one. Even without her intriguing back story and her absolutely solar-level hotness, I just adore her voice and lyrics and don’t get annoyed when Neuro forces us to listen to her for hours on end during long car journeys. I do get annoyed when Neuro forces us to sit in the car for hours listening to album after album after popping down to Tesco for some green beans for dinner. Once, the frozen fish had defrosted before she let me out and we ended up eating cream crackers with kidney beans for dinner.

She sings a lot of songs about sex and religion and wealth and all that other stuff that aspiring preachers are meant to eat up, digest and spend a lifetime regurgitating on Sunday mornings. For that reason, I like to bill the church for every minute I spend listening to her. In one song off Rilo Kiley’s best album she sings:

And the talking leads to touching
and the touching leads to sex
and then there is no mystery left

This is also the song where she offers a homage to the Pixies’ Tame at one point by singing “Uh-ha-ha, Uh-ha-ha, Uh-ha-ha”. Homage to the Pixies should have been the title of one of George Orwell’s novels, its that cool an idea.

So not to harp on about the same topic over and over again but Jenny Lewis writes an unusually honest song. I love this chorus line because it captures in an unusually honest way the deceit of the modern preoccupation with sex. Let an old crazy man waffle for a moment but mystery isn’t hidden in knowing someone’s body, it is in knowing that someone. Relating to each other would be a good deal simpler if all you had to do to find out who they were was take their clothes off. I guess we could all go Memento and try to account for ourselves in tattoos. The lack of mystery surrounding sex has become very clear to me on this side of marriage. The genius of marriage done properly isn’t that it serves as a building block for stable families and healthy societies and isn’t even the tax credits. The genius of marriage done properly is that the mystery of an Other can be exhaustively explored. Marriage, done right, is the grandest adventure human beings can engage in.

I’ve seen a few very cool movies over the last week or so. Especially excellent was Rainman which I have been mimicing thanks to the Simpsons for years but have never seen. I can’t help but love Tom Cruise movies. It’s like my fondness for Shakira. It is embarrassing but it is true. Actually, the only thing the Cruise and Shakira have in common is that they are both too short to be considered full human beings. And I definitely don’t like them in the same way. Rainman is brilliant though. Even with the cringey 80s-ness of it all.

I also saw Die Hard 4.0. I came home and ate a lightbulb and punched a hole in a computer monitor and threw clothes pegs at the neighbourhood cats because I wanted so badly to stand up for freedom with some fascist violence. Its the most brainless, trivial, enjoyable, preposterous way to spend two hours. If Transformers captures the same effortless, glorious stupidity then we’ll be winning.

Depressingly, I finally saw Jesus Camp. This is a controversial documentary on the phenomenon of right-wing Pentecostal Christians in the US who are raising their children in a weird brainwashed world of war metaphors, patriotism and anti-intellectualism. Admittedly, it is not a well made documentary. It is a hatchet job with very little integrity. I don’t even really recommend you to watch it in fact, but if you do, know that you will be glued to it like a car-wreck. Except for the hateful Phelps family, there has never been a Christian more ready for a hatchet job, more willing to serve up her head and ask to be chopped.

Your Correspondent, Cool like Kim Deal

3 Responses to “Portions For Foxes”

  1. Justin says:

    Couldn’t agree more about Jenny Lewis, in a world where pop stars are so cookie cutter its nice to see something so unique. Portions for Foxes is one of my favorite songs, perfect mix of rock and roll and brilliant lyrics.

  2. wylie says:

    I know i’m way behind in keeping up with your blog but just wanted to say thank you for this post. It is full of deep wisdom about relationships and marriage. I appreciate your thoughts. I love that marriage tells the story of an Other! I am silenced by this reminder. ps Die hard… seriously?!

  3. zoomtard says:

    Well thanks very much Justin. You seem mighty dedicated to your fandom there.

    Wylie you old legend. I am thrilled you’d grace a place like this with your radiant presence. But Die Hard 4.0 (Live Free Or Die Harder in other territories) is an amazingly perfect summer movie. So much so that I went to see it a second time!