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I am not addicted to ketchup, unlike my wife. You might be though and if like her you put ketchup on everything; your hard boiled eggs, your cider, a dollop on the washing machine to “feed it” before you put on every load, then you might appreciate the best and most efficient way to make the ketchup come out of the bottle.

Tony Blair is allegedly converting to Catholicism and saving the Middle East. Does he know how to pour ketchup right though? Thank God that at last the hapless nation we call Britain has a good decent Presbyterian in charge. Now we’ll see and end to all that colour and fun and joy and a hearty dose of fiscal prudence and hard, sweaty work. Here is a now largely meaningless in depth covering of Blair’s last hours in power.

Kirk Cameron is that actor-turned-evangelist I talked about last month with regards to the ill-advised debate he and his companion Ray Comfort entered into to prove the Christian God’s existence without the Bible. Here is a pretty deadly little analysis of his conversion that makes him seem lovely. Ah he’s a lovely fellow.

Philip Jenkins is one of those scholars that contributes to the net worth of life on Earth. His book The Next Chrisendom is one of the least read super books I’ve ever come across. He has a really fascinating article here postulating that the death of the European church is being followed by a resurrection. Like a star that collapses to create an intensely bright White Dwarf, the national churches have given up hope of serving everyone and have instead started to serve one person (guess who I’m talking about, go on, guess!) and it is going to make for an interesting couple of decades.

I like it when people are optimistic about my life’s passion.

Jaybercrow is back and is talking shit.

Finally, providing you with more brain nourishment, here is an NY Times report that argues that the soul is in retreat as we learn more about how the brain works. I wonder had the NY Times been around when Ibn al-Nafis discovered blood circulation would they have declared the end of love? The explanation of brain function no more destroys the idea that the Self (what Oprah calls soul and what the Hebrew Bible calls heart) is para-material than the idea that exploration of blood circulation explains love. I’m quite happy with that little bit of argument-as-poetry.

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