Girls That Sing Songs They Wrote IV

Stig is going away to Bolivia and Cuba to spread the Good Word for about a million years this week so this is the last time I get to prove to him that Y-chromosomes don’t necessarily make you crappy at composition and lyric writing. My final exhibit is the most beautiful and enigmatic of them all (since I didn’t get to do Shakira or Bjork). She is Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley fame. And then later, of Jenny Lewis fame.

Former child starlet turned super-cred indie songstress, the story I have to tell you is brief and simple. She has an amazing voice. She also has an amazing singing voice. By this I mean that Lewis’ can phrase a line as well as anyone and usually only writes lines that are relevant. Then she delivers them with aplomb. So for example, her finest album, her first solo effort, Rabbit Fur Coat, is singular if for nothing else the honesty with which she struggles with the absence she feels over her secular upbringing. She spends the album wrestling with God and faith and church, being honest about sex and family and success and the whole thing added up makes for the best album released last year if you ask me. Or anyone else who is sensible. Like Drew Barrymore. Seriously. And Anne Hathaway. Both big fans. Need more encouragement? I didn’t think so.

So without further ado (wearing glasses like the ones my wife wears on holidays, or in the shower, actually all the time) , I present Jenny Lewis to you. A girl who can sing songs she writes:

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