One Snowbell Tolls…

One of the disturbing things I found out today: idiots rarely know they are idiots. Its called the Dunning Kreger Effect and it basically says that most arrogant twits have no idea that they are not the experts they believe they are. I don’t think I am an idiot. But hell!, thats a clear indicator of idiocy. How do I escape this maze of self-doubt?

Speaking of people who are really deluded about their talent, my wife, (who intends to apply for the Ultimate Fighting Championship next year) surprisingly updated her blog today. Twice. It made me laugh but then again, you’d expect that. One of the reasons I am so chuffed she is my wife-unit is how often she makes me laugh. And she rarely mocks me for giggling like a little girl.

I read a brilliant article about the decline of the record industry. For anyone who might share my tendency to *ahem* illegally procure music through digital channels *ahem*, then you should enjoy reading the figures. Then you’ll be in the right mood to visit this classic from theonion’s archives.

For those of you who feel like reading something biggish, the Washington Post has a four part analysis of Dick Cheney and how he has masterminded a small revolution in the role of the US Vice President. What a classic villain he is. Remember the footage of him hiding behind the bushes? Read those articles then watch the video and then you’ll laugh uproariously at Defective Yeti’s take on it. Well, you can skip step 1 and step 2 and be assured of laughing if you are my friend Ian.

A reasonably funny Sinfest cartoon that tickles me. (Tip o’ the hat Tg)

Pleasant but basically underwhelming photos of Gaudí buildings
. Why link to pleasant but basically underwhelming photos you ask. Well they are of Gaudí’s insane beautiful joyous Catholic buildings so its time better spent than banging staples into your fingers.

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