10 Words You Didn’t Know You Hate

I was back up North this weekend talking to a bunch of students about apologetics. Apologetics is the conscious, reasoned, deliberate defence of the Christian faith. Its one of those things I really get fascinated by. Sadly, its also one of those things that I can’t seem to explain to other people very well. I was halfway through explaining how Alvin Plantinga uses the S5 axiom of Modal logic in his updated form of the Ontological argument before I realised I might be pitching this a bit high.

I wish that opening paragraph was a joke.

I wish that this final version of my seminar wasn’t the product of an up-till-the-early-morning rewrite because I realised my initial plan was too dense. It certainly had the ability to make anyone less nerdy than me feel dense. So all in all, not a success.

Although the confidence took a bit of a battering, I am now in charge of the teaching at the church I work at for the next month. This is really very exciting for me. Although I am a total amateur at the whole preaching thing, there probably isn’t anything quite as challenging for me to do so I love it. In a hating it kind of way. After preaching I typically collapse in a heap and sleep for many hours. Sometimes I even get physically ill due to the trauma of it. If you think I’m just being a big drama-queen, consider how you’d feel if you had to stand up in front of a room full of people and claim to be speaking on behalf of God. I wager that sweating all night before, stressing the whole week before and vomiting with anxiety moments before is treating it with due diligence.

It doesn’t help that my boss is hitting some dangerously brilliant strides in his preaching right before he heads off and hands the reins over to me. You should have been there this Sunday. He dealt with a passage from Paul that seems to indicate (and is used to justify) the limiting of women in any leadership positions and in about 27 minutes he laid out a complete theology of gender equality and a vision for leadership. Its pretty intimidating. So if you see me on the street this week, now you’ll understand why I am wearing only one of my trouser legs, I have shaved half my face and a patch on the right side of my head and I keep uttering greek phrases non-stop under my breath.

Just to prove to you that this isn’t one of those blog entries where the self-obsessed blogger just tells you about his boring emotional state, (those blogs by the way are just above the “let me tell you about a dream I had” conversations on the tedium scale), here are some good links.

The Onion AV Club tells us about 10 directors we didn’t know we hated.

The Belfast Version Of Me does a fine job of elaborating one of the many reasons it sucks to be a Christian and single. The singleness is typically not the sucky part. People’s response to it however…

This image of the Aurora from space looks photoshopped to me. It is so breathtaking, I suspect shenanigans.

Finally, a big read that is well worth it. A scientist has found a tribe in the Amazon who have a grammar that totally defies all the theories of linguistics we hold dear. Babette is a person I am most envious of since she is studying linguistics, the third most interesting thing in the world after theology and architecture but this story is of special interest to me because I always suspect Chomsky’s idea of Universal Grammar was bollix. It goes against all the observed evidence of how the brain has evolved. Of course, if you take my words on this as having any more weight than the bus driver or the neighbour’s dog then you are fool cos hell, what would I know?!

Your Correspondent, Mistaking Awkward Tension For Sexual Tension

2 Responses to “10 Words You Didn’t Know You Hate”

  1. MG says:

    I think we should get Plantinga over to Ireland… do it!

  2. Bob says:

    “…explaining how Alvin Plantinga uses the S5 axiom of Modal logic in his updated form of the Ontological argument…”

    Sounds like I would have enjoyed it!