Why God Should Re-Flood The Middle East

So alot of people want to know about Rob Bell last week. This surprises me because well, no one ever asks me what church was like and my minister is as good a teacher as Rob Bell (and he doesn’t retrospectively view the origins of Christianity through Rabbinical lens cut centuries later). He just isn’t quite as tall and you shallow bastards don’t see him because of that. You sicken me all.

As a protest I will simply say that Rob Bell was great. He was even good enough to impress my wife who despises most people who stand up and teach in church. She despises them for two good reasons:

    Most people who stand up in church talk nonsense [Scientifically proven by the guys who discovered L. Casei Immunitas]
    Neuro, due to a rare genetic condition, is unable to simultaneously stand and talk. She is very jealous.

It was Rob Bell’s greatest hits, as a fine gentleman I met there put it. If like me, you are in the habit of listening to Rob Bell’s sermons on your mp3 player as you walk the tree-lined avenues of Maynooth on a Tuesday morning then you will have heard it all before. That is no sad thing and totally understandable though. If for nothing else, it was worth his journey across the Atlantic to hear him say that there is no point in being doctrinally sound if you don’t care about the injustice in the world.

Bell is gaining momentum and therefore he is attracting all kinds of criticism from all over the shop. I can’t really add to it. I think the guy is trying innovative things and trying to communicate the radical, subversive historical Jesus as best as he can. It was great to hear him in person. YellowSnow saved me from small talk afterwards. It was cool. Y’all missed out.

Your Correspondent, Likes the look of that there cookie.

2 Responses to “Why God Should Re-Flood The Middle East”

  1. Paul says:

    I seem to keep missing you lot when your up here… I assume you saw rob bell in glorous belfast in the presby head quarters ?

  2. zoomtard says:

    No actually Paul, he was in Dublin at the Assembly of God headquarters at St. Marks.