On The Next Show, Some Actual Content

This is a fascinating, depressing, mean-spirited, honest, brutal, narrow-minded, shallow, profound and unmissable article in a local Seattle newspaper. They sent 31 writers to 31 places of worship for a “Month of Sundays“. I know Pacific Northwesterners read Zoomtard so I’ll look forward to their feedback.

Exotic Wrecks is a weird page featuring photos of supercars that have been destroyed in crashes. It probably isn’t the most wholesome of activities but I loved hanging out here.

Maps of the internet. Would it be too nerdy to frame one of these in my house?

Ten years ago this week I was listening to my new CD on repeat constantly. That new CD became the greatest album released in our lifetime, OK Computer. Can I just terrify you all and make this explicit: its ten years since OK Computer was released. We. Are. Old.

Neuro spent the weekend with my family. They laughed at her more than usual but that is because she was holding a print-out of this great Lidl rip off. You’ve probably seen it before but if you haven’t it is hi-larious.

Your Correspondent, Waiting for Babette to update

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