Girls That Sing Songs They Wrote II

So last week I began my first ever series. I was wondering how other people manage to post five times a week and I think I cracked it- they write thematically. On Monday they quote things, on Tuesday they review things, on Wednesday they link to things, on Thursday they take naked photos of themselves and on Friday they reminisce about their 1980’s childhoods. So here is the second post that proves Stig wrong, for once. He thinks guys are typically better than girls at writing songs. Now he’d be quick to point out that this is a cultural thing, a product of complex factors like the industry and societal impressions of gender and not because of some in-built superiority of men. This is Stig. He travelled the world in a hot air balloon. He wouldn’t be so naive.

But I disagree with him. Maybe its because I love it whenever girls sing, even if the girl is my sister who is almost as bad at singing as I am or maybe its because I am right. I am usually right. I was wrong once. But it turned out I was temporarily mistaken and that opinion had been right all along. So proof number two after Nellie McKay last week is Aimee Mann.

Aimee Mann is such a fine songwriter that the United States of America should commemerate her with a big statue facing down that one of Abe Lincoln they have in their capital city. Old Depressive Abe didn’t have a note in his head and definitely couldn’t string witty and literate lyrics together. Aimee Mann writes songs so good that I confidently predict that Stig will capitulate and ask that I turn Zoomtard into just one big link site to all the YouTube videos featuring her.

Aimee Mann is the kind of woman who can release a concept album that doesn’t annoy you and in fact, you slowly fall in love with. She is the kind of woman who can almost but not quite pull off a Christmas album. She is the kind of woman who can fight the music business and win and end up writing the most innovative soundtrack to any movie in history. She is the kind of woman who can mature from at one point having the most 80’s hair in the world, to wearing shiny pants, to being a pretty classy lady. She is the kind of woman who is married to Sean Penn’s more musical brother. She is the kind of woman who has a stand up comedian appear with her when she performs so she can focus on the music and doesn’t have to do any in-between-song banter. She is the kind of woman who invented VOIP. Ok, she didn’t invent VOIP, but she is a key part of the soundtrack to Zoomtard’s life and her album Whatever is one of about four that is flawless. There is nothing I would change on it. Plus she did one of the best covers ever with James Taylor’s Shed A Little Light and she performed it on the West Wing. She has also dueted with William Shatner and Ben Folds on the same song, is doing a Beatles tribute gig this summer and most importantly, was the first gig Zoomie ever went to back in 1996 in the RDS Library.

It doesn’t get cooler or more talented than that.

Also, she’ll never appear on the cover of Maxim baring her breasts to get ahead.

Your Correspondent, Got a hunger in the centre of his chest

3 Responses to “Girls That Sing Songs They Wrote II”

  1. jimlad says:

    How could you leave out the most famous tribute to Aimee Mann of all? Did you know that the word, MANNerism is named after Aimee Mann?

    Em, does anyone no why? I’m sort of confused about this.

  2. jimlad says:

    Does anyone know how to spell “no” either? As in, to have noleg.

  3. […] So having introduced you to or reminded you of the song writing chops regularly exhibited by Nellie McKay and Aimee Mann, I thought the next y-chromosomeless-person I would roll out as evidence that women are as capable as men when it comes to writing songs should be Tori Amos. Mostly because my friend Dave is sort of weirdly obsessed with her. […]