If We All Band Together, We Can Do This…

So my friend MG is studying for his final exam on Monday of his final year of his undergrad degree. But he keeps getting distracted by the internet. So Zoomtard is shutting down until Monday evening. No more entries. No links. Nothing.

You should shut down your blog too.

Soon there will be no more pages on the internet to be distracted by. MG will have to resort to either study or read 19th Century philosophers as a distraction and well, who’d read Danish existentialism when you weren’t subject to a strange thought experiment in Guantanamo? Actually, MG would.

Good luck with the study.

Your Correspondent, Competing on a poppin’ idol show.

One Response to “If We All Band Together, We Can Do This…”

  1. MG says:

    Haha… Cheers Zoomy. Now that you’ve helped me finish UCD, want to help me get a job??? (Oh, and the exam went well!)