Girls That Sing Songs They Wrote I

You know I know some world renowned musicians who have sometimes, say, late at night, argued with me that girls aren’t as good as guys when it comes to making music. Thats crazy talk! I know it is. So here is proof. Nellie McKay is one of those girls that sing songs that she writes that makes my heart a-flutter and my brain go all eppo.

The insipid women hosting that show obviously have no idea what kind of genius they are dealing with. They are damn idiots. Can’t they see she is mocking the idea that marriage can fulfill a life? And that she is oh so pretty. Which proves, I believe, that you can have both stunning looks and songwriting chops.

Her first album was called Get Away From Me, an amazing double disc of jazzy, rappy, idiosyncratic piano-based songs. The absolute highlight for me was Sari. Neuro preferred the hilarious Dog Song. It really does make sense to talk about her as a cross between Eminem and Doris Day. The second album is called Pretty Little Head which she had to release in true Aimee Mann style when the big record company shafted her. Its highlight is Real Life. Together, they make pretty much the most distinctive two albums I have ever come across. In between the two albums she starred on Broadway and now she is writing the soundtrack for a graphic novel that is being adapted for the big screen called “The Amazing True Story Of A Teenage Single Mom”. Don’t you just want to marry her? Or buy her albums? Or go tell Stig about how great girls are at writing songs…

If you are struggling to know who to vote for in tomorrow’s General Election, I have found MyCandidate a very useful resource.

My beloved tickets arrived, originally uploaded by Zoomtard.

Our tickets to the awfully exciting R.E.M. Live Rehearsal shows arrived this week. Look at them, all pretty like. I even had to sign for the tickets, that’s how sweet they are.

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5 Responses to “Girls That Sing Songs They Wrote I”

  1. stigmund says:

    It’s the competition only girls can win! Kinda like the Consolation Race they used to have at my school where only losers could enter… But well done Nellie!

  2. jimlad says:

    Sorry, I got distracted there. What were you saying? As soon as I saw the link to Stigmund I clicked it and re-read his latest post ten times in the hopes of finding a remedy for the shock of the unmentionable travesty that I read on YOUR page. I can mention however that I was looking for a refreshingly rational and just plain true statement about men being better than women at singing before deciding to comment (here). I say Cuba if you like Regge. That’s what I say. I don’t like women.

  3. Kate's Bush says:

    Yes, well done Nellie. Critically lauded by both MTV and Rolling Stone! I heard
    TeenBeatMagazine.Com gave her 5 out of 5 iPods.

    That song was nice though.

  4. zoomtard says:

    She is the first person to get 5 iPods out of 5 without taking her clothes off.

  5. […] But I disagree with him. Maybe its because I love it whenever girls sing, even if the girl is my sister who is almost as bad at singing as I am or maybe its because I am right. I am usually right. I was wrong once. But it turned out I was temporarily mistaken and that opinion had been right all along. So proof number two after Nellie McKay last week is Aimee Mann. […]