If I Don’t Do It, Somebody Else Will

So there have been many notable things written and undoubtedly missspeled in Irish papers over the last couple of weeks. Nothing tops this letter submitted to the Times of London by Wicklow resident, Frank Schnittger, regarding the opening of Croke Park to rugby and soccer and the imminent arrival of the English team.

Ireland may well be missing Brian O’Driscoll as well as Shane Horgan and don’t have the resources in depth to overcome such losses. However neither will England have the armoured cars and machine guns they had the last time they entered Croke Park!

It is a darn sight better that controversy machine Kevin Myers who had a rant (registration required) at an Anglican Bishop who is using U2 songs as the basis for a Pentecost service. The Bishop of Grantham, Tim Ellis, announced that he was trying a new liturgical track and that the pews would be removed as people were invited into a service based around U2’s extensive collection of Christian songs.

Myers has a go at Ellis and indeed Paige Blair (who he correctly identifies as the key figure in the U2-as-liturgy movement. I initially made the claim that it was Beth Maynard (Thanks to Ms. Maynard for correcting me.)). He accuses them of being:

Ignorant of Christian theology, ignorant of the meaning of the Eucharist, ignorant of the Bible and of the great music of the church

Sure. Since Bishops and Priests are often much less invested in these areas than say, newspaper columnists. The best part of the article is how this experiment somehow lets us empathise with “Muslim loonies”. Terrorism as a protest at the mis-use of Where The Streets Have No Name? That is an innovative slant on it.

For those of you who don’t attend the same church as me and missed the Bill Hybels interview with Bono we showed a few weeks ago and still don’t understand why Christians seem intent to call U2 songs like “Grace”, “Wake Up Dead Man”, “Yahweh” and “40” liturgical, maybe you’ll find this 1982 interview with Contemporary Christian Music Magazine illuminating.

You will be glad to hear that I am not one of those authors who write naked. Often.

Your Correspondent, He had to steal away cos the time seemed right

3 Responses to “If I Don’t Do It, Somebody Else Will”

  1. Beth says:

    There are such services dating back over a decade and occuring in several denominations, but it is definitely correct to identify Paige Blair as the main figure behind the promotion of the current brand “U2charist” – and incorrect to link my work with that particular denominational initative. The “Get Up Off Your Knees” book, and the blog I run, are not in any way at all connected with or involved in it.

  2. zoomtard says:

    My apologies Beth. Take it as an indication of your supreme celebrity that such an error could be made! 🙂