Counting Crows Greatest Hit Was Inspired By Her, Pre Sex-Change Op

Welcome to the latest Furious Thinker, orthoperplexis (go write her a welcome comment). I don’t know her. Teragram (The Queen of Furious Thinking) doesn’t know her. But yellowsnow says she is cool. If she encourages yellowsnow to write more, then she’ll be a miracle worker.

I have been struck down by a heinous flu this week. Its left me uselessly lolling around the house reorganising my music files and trying to decide what my favourite word is. I have decided it is heckle. That’s a fricative word, if you don’t know. Or at least I hope it is. Otherwise I’ll look stupid publishing this.

I’m a very bad sickly person. I get whingey and whiney and restless and I end up annoying everyone I come into contact with. But when you have a flu you do get to overdose on hot whiskeys. That has been the highlight of my week.

Norah Jones has released a new album and I can’t help but think that all the TV ads are an attempt to cover over the fact that basically, Ms.Jones’ music is ideal in the background while researching pension funds.

Since I had a neglected childhood, it was only today that I first saw popcorn corn popping. That is some pretty amazing stuff. One moment they are little hard nubs of corn. Then they come flying at you and suddenly they are puffy white balls of deliciousness. Check it! So cool.

The first thing ever sold on Ebay was a broken laser printer for $14.00

Kevin Smith is a movie maker who may or may not be very good. The Zoomtard jury is still out. But here is his very interesting top 10 list of 2006 movies.

When the Harvard Business Review lists the top 10 breakthrough ideas for 2007, you should read them so that you seem really clever at cocktail parties, beach barbeques, church lunches or waiting in the methadone clinic.

Your Correspondent, He Travelled The World And The Seven Seas, He Is Looking At You Through A Camera!

6 Responses to “Counting Crows Greatest Hit Was Inspired By Her, Pre Sex-Change Op”

  1. Sam says:

    by my reckoning the Harvard Business Review appears to have 20 breakthrough ideas.
    it appears the all that hot whiskey is affecting your arithmetic skills

  2. Greymalkin says:

    Hey Zoomy.I know how you feel about being sick.I had the good ol vomiting bug for a day there.24 hours of getting sick.i counted 10wretches in one turn of getting sick!anyway aside from that unpleasantries,i feel your pain,and your self-pity.i mean theres no one else worser (i know its not a word) than least you had your loving wife to take care of you, what with her soothing voice that could sooth over anything.ANYTHING!i’ll post you when i can.I got that data disc all idlewild crap on it to post to you!it’s gathering dust at expense man!email you soon,

    with crap,


  3. Today is the moment in the year when any of us is most likely to call in sick, and the lousiness is manifest in Wales.

    Kevin Smith’s list is pretty good. Little Miss Sunshine is an absolute gem which might very well appeal to the Zoomtard aesthetic, and not just because of the Sufjan soundtrack. Seen at the right time of the week (Friday evening), it triggers loud and prolonged laughter – a rare commodity.

  4. zoomtard says:

    Those laughs were then filled with groans of sadness at the touching points. And those touching points weren’t inappropriately touching me either.

    Rarer again.

    I will leave the mistake in Sam, as a perpetual reminder of your superiority over me.

    Greymalkin, stop writing comments that should be emails!!! My wife ran off with a feminist dwarf. I am all alone in this world.

  5. Greymalkin says:

    emails are too long,plus i aint got the time,but you may have a point.I’m also going to point out your awful but acceptable pun in the freshest post.makes me want to vomit……..

  6. Sam says:

    Just preparing you for the finicky people you’ll have to deal with when you rule PCI. Tipping Point is obviously book of the moment – i’m just about to start it