Friends? No Need For Them When You’re A Genius

On Friday I went to the Sugar Club (which would make a mighty fine church on a Sunday morning) with my possé to see some popular music. Well, hear. It was a Liam McDermott gig and it was only tangentially attractive that Michael Knight were playing support. As careful readers of the stars know, I just go to Liam gigs to see his dad in the crowd. There is something ubelievably cool about how excited his dad gets. This time, Stig was also singing. All the scientists who study these things agree that there were only two things Liam needed before making it “BIGTIME!” and that was a Vodafone ad and some more foxiness. Stig provides the foxy.

We’ll leave Michael Knight aside because I think they rock but they did not rock that night. Your hearts didn’t seem in it lads. In fairness, at the end of the day, you made me look bad in front of Babette who had never heard you before but had heard me gush. But when you started to suck a little I think Ann-dee distracted her with witty repartee and so my blushes are spared. Yours too.

But Liam and the Light Refreshments were superb. I haven’t listened to the new CD much yet because Tori Amos is holding my little brother captive and demanding that I only listen to her for the weekend or she’ll kill him. There is not a lot I can do about that. However, I can tell you that the live version of “You’re Still A Boy” is a mighty fine improvement of what was already the best song. It was tight. Or at least that is what Ann-Dee said and he knows things.

Links For Your Distraction
Tom Price is a very clever philosopher who used to work in the same worldwide underground movement. When I first met him, he had driven a motorcycle across Europe to reach the ancient ruins of Ephesus. He is now off doing a Master in Apologetics in the US. I discovered his blog, I suspect it is very good.

Time Square broke and it wasn’t because of terrorists. Although I knew some nerdy guys in college who though Microsoft were terrorists.

Second Life is the kind of strange phenomenon that Teragram has to admit she would be intruiged by. Its a whole world where you can live and interact and make money and type things out as if you having sex with people and its truly taking off. If that interests you, can I first implore that you visit First Life.

Not that I ever (voraciously) read celebrity or womens’ magazines that I find in my parents house/friends’ living room/left on the train/poking out of a bin but I did enjoy The Morning News satire of “fiction” that is often published there. By the way, do you sense how this post is lagging?

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One Response to “Friends? No Need For Them When You’re A Genius”

  1. Teragram says:

    The idea of Second Life intrigues me, but the reality is too clunky right now to really get my interest. Once the interface is a bit more developed I’m pretty sure I’ll need an intervention to break me out. Will you be there on that day, Zoomie? Will you intervene?

    Teragram, preparing for the inevitable