You’ve been paying off this entry for the last 25 years

Neuro thinks this is brilliant. I agree. Shows should do this more often. To zing the opposition this well, Matt Groening must have employed Liam McD on his writing staff.

Hans Van Der Meer is a photographer who has been taking photos of football fields all around Europe (including the Phoenix Park). I know that doesn’t sound so interesting to you but seriously, this is as an astounding website.

As I have hinted in the title, it is my birthday today. My middle name is Andrew after the Saint. It isn’t quite St. Patrick’s Day but at least my parents didn’t call me Isidore.

Next Thursday, the Bishop of Durham, NT Wright is speaking in Trinity College on the Da Vinci Code. Tickets are €10. There might be some foolish people out there who are as yet undecided about coming. But let me end the argument by offering this mp3 of the world’s foremost New Testament scholar singing How Many Roads by Bob Dylan. This is not a novelty mp3. This is actually really good.

I know. I make you happy.

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