Where Zoomtard Experiments With Actual “Blogging”, Part 1

Leave that final year thesis alone. Forget that breast check. Tell your dying grandma you’ll pay respects at the funeral. The most important thing you need to do is join me in the aural bliss that has returned to the fair airwaves of Dublin in recent weeks. Phantom FM: The reason you have a radio.

You can just take this for granted. Or if you are foolish like me back in the day Phantom was pirate and didn’t broadcast as far as my house, ignore it. But the fact of the matter is that the air around your very dull head is filled with the wonderous sounds of good music, diverse music, music you’ve never heard before and will hate but you are so glad you had the chance to like it. Think about that for a moment. Vibrations in the air encode the sounds of Bright Eyes and Ben Folds and all you need is a resonating crystal connected by a conducting wire to a basic speaker and boom! you get music for free.

Now if a short paragraph on the medium can take your breath away, just think of the joy encapsulated in the Phantom message. Sure they won’t play anything that isn’t hip, but hip is a good start. Damn it I’ll take hip and keep my Old Crow Medicine Show and Jars of Clay habit secret.

I had tiramasu for breakfast. Basically, listening to Phantom for a few days in my car has transformed me from bookish theology nerd into Rock n Roll legend. I now only wear sking tight jeans, eyeliner and “ironic” t-shirts. I would have eaten my breakfast floating in champagne but I squandered all of that on washing the car. I have to take better care of it now that I live in it so I don’t miss any Phantom Radio.

Your Correspondent, He comes in all different flavours…strawberry and curry and that

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