Hello, My Treacherous Friends

It has not been a good day for Zoomtard. He was meant to be off visiting a church in Norn Iron and sharing the Good News of Christianity, Irish style but instead he is lounging around his living room with a sick throat. He has also failed to make a fire. He thought he was a Beta Male, but it turns out that he can’t even achieve this.

I was off buying peat and beer yesterday evening when I noticed that the front page of the Times featured an article about Christian students. Well I used to be a Christian student so I looked closer. I am lying. As you can see from the photo, I looked closer because there was a picture of Harry Potter being kissed.

I was so jealous.

Its time for me to admit to those of you too dull to figure it already that I am a graduate of IFES, the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students, not the election monitors. I worked for two years with IFES Ireland. When I was on staff we used to make fun of our British counterparts because they were uptight and serious and always too intense for us.

Imagine that. A group of people so cereberal that Jaybercrow and me felt the need to mock them for it (out of our insecurity). So the Times is reporting on the fact that 4 Christian Unions are considering suing their universities for prohibiting their acitivity. Christian Unions, by the way, for the uninitiated, are the student-led groups that form together to make national movements like IFES Ireland, CCX in Ukraine, UCCF in Britain or InterVarsity in the US. The opposition these CUs face ranges from not being affiliated with the Herion-Watts University up to Gideon bibles being banned in student halls in Edinburgh University.

Yeah you read that right. Bibles are not going to be placed in their dorms because that is anti-homosexual, allegedly. (Thanks Tg for the clarification)

The mind boggles.

A university is meant to be the place where discussion on every topic is encouraged in an open and free manner. The campus is meant to be a place of intellectual rigor and tolerance. I can fully empathise with the sentiments of someone who has a virulent reaction to Christian evangelism. (I can empathise without aggreeing even a little bit) But banning the expression of faith is not only intolerant, it is hypocritical.

There is no fundamentalism in UCCF. There is no political radicalism being fertilised in their Bible studies (unless they are reading Colossians…). It poses no threat to British society unless you are terrified of brainy Christians beating you over the head with their perfectly sensible and not very good fun approach to doctrine. It is the height of intolerance to resist the reasonable expression of the heart of these students’ lives. But its also hypocritical because the ideas that are driving the CUs out of campuses are held as “faith” by the adherents in their Student Unions. The idea that religion is intolerant is not only ignorant and intolerant, it is hypocritical since it takes the form of a religious belief. It is a moral belief held on faith without any possible rigorous support. That means, by the way, it is a considerably shakier faith than that which is held by the UCCF-ers.

I was part of the founding group of the Christian Union at my university. After a few years we had grown to a quite substantial size. We sought affiliation with the SU and they rejected us for the same reasons that the CUs in Britain have been pushed back- that our constitutional clause demanding that leaders must be practicing Christians is intolerant. We referred them to some EU legislation and argued our point with some pertinent analogies from the maths society, the rowing club and the Young Fine Gael group and we were accepted. Since then, the CU has been one of the most active and positive presences on campus. The Christians who make up that group now are some of the most inspirational young people you can imagine. Their diversity is startling. There is no drawback to having such groups on campus. The only motive for removing them is a secular zeal of religious fervour.

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2 Responses to “Hello, My Treacherous Friends”

  1. Teragram says:

    Are you sure that *all* Bibles are banned from halls in Edinburgh? This article: http://news.scotsman.com/education.cfm?id=2119002005 says that the Gideons will be[1] banned from putting Bibles in the halls, which is quite different.


    [1] What tense do you use when describing an article written in the past about the then-future which is now the past?

  2. zoomtard says:

    Thanks for the very pertinent clarification. I’ve edited the Zoomtard to reflect it. If you check the Times sites, you’ll see they haven’t become aware of it.

    [1] I think you use past-tense.

    You are like some kind of fact lady.