Drive Carefully. Sleep Well.

So my wife started working today. In a real job. Where she wasn’t set the task of making witty t-shirts up or reading the census from 1911. On the train in she sat beside a pensioner who was listening to Christina Aguilera mp3s on her mobile phone. Things sure have changed in the four months she was unemployed, taking a rest. Have you ever seen True Lies? I suspect I am Jamie Lee Curtis to her Arnie. She keeps making up fantastical stories about hours spent photocopying and answering phones. I know that can’t be the reality of work in real jobs. If work for the church is one bungee jump followed by impromptu, emergency tracheostomies, surely in the Secular city, work is a fascinating white-water ride. Or is that tracheostomys? Jaybercrow probably will know but he seems to be too busy losing his faith and reading Bruggemann to entertain us with his tales of Canadia.

I was back up in Norn Iron last week at one of their 3rd level educational institutions. It wasn’t Queens, which according to me, means it wasn’t a real university. I think the Ulster University is a step below a typical Irish Institute of Technology. If that opinion offends you, go hassle Jaybercrow because he told me to say it. (LOLZ!) I was under the impression that they only taught Flat-Earthism, Creationism and Early Protestant Reformers And Their Victorious Routing Of Catholics On The Battlefield but it turns out that they do have a few real degrees like Egg-Technology and Agitation Therapy. Agitation therapy is what they do instead of counselling in Northern Ireland. When you speak to a Norn Irish counsellor, their accent is quite, well, agitating. Eventually you get so agitated by the therapy sessions that it brings your other issues into perspective. Your abandonment issues and your God-complex and your erectile dysfunction just disappear. Very promising research going on.

Your Correspondent, Using The Law To Nag

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