The Brevity Offered By Linkage

Photo blogs can be even worse than theological sketchpads. Don’t worry though. I’ve found a good one for you: Bluejake.

From a Subversive Influence, here is an interestingly subversive politco-theological pondering. I wonder if its got anything to it.

Neuro is suspicious of Nooma. All the more reason for you to go check them out seeing as most things that seem cool that Neuro is suspicious of turn out to be really evil. Like when Furbies turned out to have peanuts in them and all those people died of anabolic reactions. Neuro never liked Furbies. Decry it while you still get cred for it. Go check out the Dust episode here, which is one of the videos Zoomtard wholeheartedly stands over.

A Zoomtard Competition
The Atlantic asked this month, in its section on words for things that need words, what we should call the territory that exists between our earphones while we listen to our iPods on the bus.

Does the barrier erected by headphones have a name? As a semipermanent resident of this tiny country, I often wonder.

Answers on the back of a postcard. The prize is a guided tour of your soul. Suggestions must be shorter than a typical Bob Heffernan comment.

Your Correspondent, A Film by Zoomtard

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  1. The auricular exclusion zone
    the otic occlusion