And Ending The Popish Discussion

While watching Questions and Answers tonight we got to hear the talking heads paint a better way forward for the Roman Catholic Church than the Pope ever could. You see, the Pope, with his five decades of extraordinary intellectual efforts, his off-by-heart knowledge of the Koran and his team of devoted helper-pensioners doesn’t really have a good grasp of Islam. Instead we should listen to the Irish Times columnist who told us about a time that the Pope addressed “Muslim bishops”. She went on to say that she couldn’t understand the academic theological paper that the Pope delivered to his professional peers at a university. We had another woman from a children’s charity talk about a day when inter-religious dialogue would just be like “having a chat and a cup of tea with a few friends”.

Can someone declare some fatwahs?

Your Correspondent, Its all about me.

4 Responses to “And Ending The Popish Discussion”

  1. Greymalkin says:

    speaking of the Catholic church,a situation came up with Audrey,and it was the perfect situation for hi-5ving the Catholic upbringing……WHERE WERE YOU?i had to hi-5 the AIR.Then in the next instance 2hours later,i had to hi-5 a stranger!!!!!who happily obligded…………

  2. zoomtard says:

    But you didn’t have a Catholic upbringing… so how can you do the high-5? You broke the Catholic upbringing Covenant you Proddie bastard

  3. stigmund says:

    If you don’t TAKE the covenant you can’t BREAK the covenant.

    At least, that’s what I’m telling God when I meet him.