I’d Slap Them Upside The Head

Why do people on Judge Judy interrupt the Judge? Like when THE Judy is loading a whole bunch of crap on the defendant, why does the defendant’s witness pipe up and say, “Hey! You are wrong. That is a lie!” Don’t tell the Judge they are lying. Even if you are a lawyer. And if you are not a lawyer, just shut up there for a moment.

Is this really stuff that people need to be taught?

Your Correspondent, Didn’t Know Daytime TV Existed.

4 Responses to “I’d Slap Them Upside The Head”

  1. Teragram says:

    There’s a sort of ‘survival of the thickest’ effect. They are selected for idiocy and loudness because that’s what people who watch judge judy want.

    Tg, wishes daytime TV didn’t exist.

  2. stigmund says:

    Oh no you di-in’t, ‘T’ to the double ‘G’. She did NOT just go there!

    Oh, it’s ON.

  3. jimlad says:

    I got a TV, paid 165e I think for the licence, and rarely watch it but it wasn’t my idea to buy it. But what is on TV is even more stupid. About a month ago I switched it on and some guy who kept having sex outside his marriage was saying that he liked people and had a problem cos he didn’t know when to stop. He was annoyed cos his wife kept ringing him up to make sure he was on the straight and narrow, but he said that he thought it was ok to commit adultery once no one got hurt, ie. no one knew about it.

    This was on Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil said, “We’re going to take an add break now, but after the break we are going to ask the question, Does this guy have a problem or is he just a friendly guy?” Dr. Phil is funny. I haven’t seen Judge Judy but if TV was my thing I would watch Dr. Phil.

    Just thought you might want to know that.

  4. zoomtard says:

    I actually overheard that episode! It was on in the kitchen when the kitchen was our whole house and I was out colonising the hallway with a wireless router and some paint.

    That guy inspired me to live up to my responsibilities as a man. Here I am, almost 2 years married and not an affair yet*. That guy was sharing the love within days of matrimony.

    TV is good for education.

    *Technically. The love I have for you Jimlad is not an affair, strictly speaking.