No. I Was Born This Way

The weekend was spent in Mayo at my sister’s wedding. Although Westport might be the place God is most proud of making, it was all for nothing while we were there as the clouds smothered us so tightly that Croagh Patrick disappeared and Clew Bay might as well have been a dream for all the view we had of it.

Still, I reminded everyone of just how well I am doing in life, considering my serious disability. I can now go for months on end without anyone noticing the foot in my mouth. Fairly early in the night as distant cousins were discussing with Neuro the profitability of singing at funerals that I dropped a classic clanger.

Laughing a little too loudly in that, “I am just talking so as to fulfill my social obligations” way, I said,

Profiting off other people’s sorrow- it would suit you Neuro since only vampires would do that!

Distant cousin A was polite enough to not remind me there and then of their thriving undertaking business.

Your Correspondent, Movin’ you outta this atmosphere

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