Lurching From Ig to Noble

A while back I claimed that the greatest link of all time could be found at a church website. Judging from the lack of people asking for access to my Amazon wishlist to thank me in gift-form, I presume the webular adventure required to access their parodies of the Jesus movie was too daunting for most of you amateurs. But Vintage 21 have now made them available at Google Video so you can access them without getting a doctorate in semiotics now.

Zoomtard has also linked to the hilarious Colbert report in recent entries. He addressed the annual Whitehouse journalists’ love-in a while back and now through the wonder of Google’s unending reach, we can view it in our homes. Until television technology is perfected, Google Video will be our home.

Usually people talk to me about theology. If they don’t talk to me about theology they talk to Neuro about philosophy. Some might think that there is something about our personalities that bring that about but I like to live in the fantasy of Zoomland where people spend most of their days dreaming of finding a true member of the Nerd Patrol who knows that there is no 3rd Letter to the Corinthians or that Heisenberg was not just the guy who invented lederhosen. When they find me and Neuro, sitting over in our corners organising our stamps or making homemade greeting cards they internally yelp with excitement and it takes about six or seven minutes for them to reach deep inside their intellectual resources to throw a medieval monk at us. The dreaded Ockham Razor will always be brought to play in any theological or philosophical discussion. I am sure there is a version of Godwin’s Law that could capture this. In fact, maybe I’ll coin it right now.

Zoomtard’s Second Law:
As an informal theological or philosophical discussion grows longer, the probability of the utilisation of Ockham’s Razor approaches one

Occam’s Razor is a brilliantly sharp device but you can’t use it to slice open every problem. I was never able to put my finger on my frustration until I read a post by Scott Adams over at Dilbertblog called Occam’s Stupid Razor. Adams is a clever and witty guy who doesn’t get the props he deserves because of over-saturation and a bias against cartoonists. Well, maybe that and the awful “metaphysical” books he wrote a few years back. God is the only one with forgiveness wells deep enough to blot out those transgressions. But Adams makes the point that Ockham’s Razor has become almost religious for a skeptic. He sums up the Ockham problem brilliantly with what he calls the Adams Razor:

The explanation that you believe is correct will always seem simplest to you.

What has the last 3 minutes brought you- excellent religious satire from a church, excellent political satire from an American and two new rules to bring to the intellectual field of play. I’ll link you to that wishlist if you send me a mail.

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