Don’t Be Offended, This Is All My Opinion

Well continuing on from that last bombshell dropped here at Zoomtard Central, check out this article from Books and Culture about the apostle we have put in drag, Junia. This is a pretty complete survey of the situation by a whipsmart theologist called Sarah Hinlicky Wilson. I know, first a female apostle and now a female theologian. Surely the horsemen of the Apocolypse are on their way. Props to Dr. Mitchel for the link to that article. You really should comment sometime, elder!

Sarah Hinlicky Wilson is actually a quite brilliant writer. She is also doing a PhD in Systematic Theology at the college they’ll probably ship me off to when my hair turns grey so I have really enjoyed reading everything of hers that is freely available online. That is quite a lot of stuff but my favourites are her article on Subversive Virginity and a review of the book Against Love: A Polemic.

Babette made a reference in her latest entry to an acquaintence using the word “shambolic”, unaware that we were no longer in 1995. I suspect that acquaintence was me because everything in Zoomland is a shambles, from other drivers to Neuro’s knicker drawer and especially the state of gravity subsidies in Ireland. But since reading that post two days ago I have heard newsreaders use the word shambolic on two radio stations. Newstalk 106 and RTE Radio 1 are obviously stuck in the mid-90s with me. Anne Doyle and George Hook are fine companions. All I need now is a Pearl Jam album and a lumberjack shirt.

Check and check.

Can I ask a question of those of you who are foolish enough to drive cars in Dublin? Why don’t we set an exclusion zone between the two canals and Heuston Station on the east and charge a congestion fee to drive in there (unless you live in there)? Then we can use the M50 and the big n4 and n7 and nn roads to to big car parks where we get on buses and empty Dublin of all its manky carbon dioxide and heart attacking traffic! I think this is a great idea and at next year’s election I will ask every candidate, without context, to explain why they are not implementing it. If they fail to answer well enough, I will refuse to vote for them.

Final thing. I have all my great ideas in the shower. Yes, it is true that once a week my brain gets innovative. So I am moving into a new house in July and I want some way to record all my amazing ideas. Would a blackboard work in a shower? What about a whiteboard? If they don’t work, can you, venerable Zoomreader, help me by suggesting a notation device for my inspiration?

Your Correspondent, Gonna Start A Revolution From His Bed

4 Responses to “Don’t Be Offended, This Is All My Opinion”

  1. stigmund says:

    There is nothing I know of which wil write (and stay) when there’s water splashing everywhere. Even your precious Vodafone BlackBaby can’t help youThe only solution is to employ a tattoo artist to take your showers with you. Not in the shower, of course (don’t be ridiculous), but just to maybe sit on the edge of the bathtub, hand you the towel and that. Then, if you come up with any ideas- or just remember something you need in Tesco- voila.

    And unlike the silly man in Memento, you’ll actually remember most of the tattoos you get done.

    Plus, chicks dig tattooed shopping lists. It shows a reliable, dependable side.

  2. Teragram says:

    What about an etch-a-sketch?

  3. jimlad says:

    I have a lumberjack shirt, size L. Will that help? Also, I have a wife that I use to record all my ideas. Have you thought of using your wife?

    Also, that idea about the traffic problem is mine. Just ask my wife.

  4. jimlad says:

    PS. I’ve always wondered why they use the letters S,M,L,XL etc. on clothes. Why not A,B,C? And why is there never an XM? Why doesn’t anyone else ask obvious questions like this?