Just Throwing It Out There…

If we don’t believe in a good God because of the suffering in the world, we would have to ask where the concept of good comes from. If objective good doesn’t exist, then what is wrong with a “good” God who from his point of view is good, tsunamis and genocide or not? If we reject this good God because the suffering he allows undermines an objective good we claim exists, then we have to ask who is the source of the objective good.

Your Correspondent, Remembering his calling as an ontological terrorist.

One Response to “Just Throwing It Out There…”

  1. I am. No, not me, I am is. I mean, Yahoo, no Yahway, sorry Yahwey? Yeah, him. He calls himself I am, so he is. that is, the source of everything, including me you and the objective good. But wait, it must be subjective to God’s opinion which means God’s subjectivity is actual objectivity. What?