Get Me Past This Day. It Has Been Defeated.

Well now it has come to this. I have an A4 piece of paper beside me covered in bullet points and all but 3 are crossed out. Some of the more satisfying ones are scribbled out of existence, xified if you will. The remaining 3 consist of 2 ongoing projects and one simple task that involves nothing more than walking upstairs to my office. Today has worked well. My automobile should be back from the Car Hospital later on and then I will be ready to roll into the future with “HOPE” written across my forehead. They know what is wrong with the car, (who is called Aiya, for those of you who care to know) but that doesn’t mean I know. I think it has something to do with a leak that let all the bolts fall out or maybe it was sand on the tyres. Who knows? The car doctors. Who cares? Not you.

In the course of my feverish work today I found many shiny nuggest of web brilliance that I feel an urge to share with you before I go upstairs to get those papers I need. One of the many things I love to read about and think about and talk at people about (because who needs their involvement when you have all the answers?) is the relationship between Christianity and culture at large. This is a great article about that from Christianity Today. You know when you read an article about something that you feel strongly about but that you have never felt like you have expressed yourself well and the article puts words on the things you had hoped to say? Of course you do because you come here after all. But that feeling is good. Experience the feeling. Click the link.

Although a friend of mine who teaches at the best rated girls’ secondary school in England claims that hoverboards (like the ones from Back to the Future II) are a theoretical possibility, I still can’t bring myself to hope to own one anytime soon. But for €30 it seems you can make a pretty nifty lightsaber for yourself, thus completeing half of our childhood wishlist.

I loved the Narnia movie that was released before Christmas but I was pretty distressed when I found out that Disney were offering prizes to pastors who would link the movie from their sermons. I was even more distressed when I found out my pastor didn’t win even though he had three great Narnia reflections! Seriously though, after the Passion, that cartoon with Tom Hanks and Narnia, movie companies seem to think that marketing their film to the culture hungry (see above) Christian communities will make them a tidy bundle. There must be a line drawn about where the benefit of discussion started by watching good movies ends and the cost of associating ourselves with big business becomes burdensome. That line won’t be drawn by corporate entities. Christians have to have their wits about them when they engage in these kinds of sometimes-symbiotic tie-ins. All this serves as an introduction to a short movie called McPassion that parodies the willingness of brands to appropriate Jesus for the sake of profit.

Malcolm Gladwell is the New Yorker feature writer who wrote Tipping Point, the most commonly read book of 2005 amongst Zoomtard’s friends and family that he himself has not yet read. His website is a delight. But one of the best articles is about Rick Warren’s 25000 strong Saddleback Community Chruch and how it has managed to grow so strongly.

This is a really good piece of journalism and I heartily recommend it. It reports on a phenomenon that was unpredictable, seemingly sustainable and potentially transformative- that is a church that is doing the right kind of thing. And it reports it without an unreasonable bias (positive or negative) coming through, which seems to be a very difficult thing to do. Warren seems like an interesting guy, unlike his famous book, which annoys the hell out of me. Mostly for being boring.

Purpose Driven Life

My dream t-shirt is a photoshopped version of that book cover with a syringe in place of the tree and the title “Heroin Driven Life”. If I ever get asked to speak at New Horizon or some other big deal Christian love-in, I will have to get it done.

Continuing the theme of engaging with culture, the Centre For Contemporary Christianity in Ireland have a website of lenten reflections. Consider them well, if that is your bag. I’m off to hang out with Nietszche’s rabid thoughts though….

Your Correspondent, Tongue tied

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