She promises the Earth and I believe her

The Danish cartoon controversy continues even though YellowSnow has had her say. Read her entry but remember at all times that she hailed from Norn Iron so she probably knows more about religious reactionaries than all of us put together.

One of the comments on her blog read:

I have genuine difficulty in reconciling Islamic demands for freedom from satire with their penchant for regularly publishing scurrilous cartoons of Jews

So while Zoomtard coughs and hacks his infectious germs all over the keyboard, he thought he’d also spread some horrible malignant filth round the internet. There are some quarters where it is considered an old-fashioned cliché to claim that anti-semitism is a dangerous threat to the world. There are others who actually view any discussion of anti-semitism as code for legitimising the state of Israel’s horrible human rights violations. Sadly though, anti-semitism is the under-discussed aspect whenever the “Clash of the Civilisations” is discussed.

The Arab nations systematically propogate anti-semitic material. People on the ground accept what seems unconstestable to them and have a deep and vitriolic hatred for Jews. The cartoons published in revenge for the Danish cartoons are a perfect example. (Don’t click on the link unless you have already been beaten into a cold bitterness by the world.) During the 90s various newspapers across the Arab world published stories about Israel flooding the Middle East with HIV+ carrying prostitutes in an effort to destroy the fabric of Arab society. A TV station in Abu Dhabi (one of the 7 emirates of our “loyal allies” in the UAE) showed a sketch where (Nobel Laureate) Shimon Peres drank the blood of Palestinians. Here is a true statement: There is an effort to convince the population of lies against the Jewish people.

Zoomtard may or may not be an agent of the Israeli government
Zoomtard may or may not be an Israeli secret agent

The link I have for you is a brilliant article from 2002. But it requires that you watch an ad before getting access to the story. It is worth it. Check this article out from about one of the plots to destroy Islam that “the Jews” have launched. Pokémon appears to be a twitteringly successful Japanese cartoon, computer game and card trading phenomenon that has spawned many different merchandising opportunities and a couple of feature length ads for said products. But it is in fact a plot to Judaize the world and lay waste to the cultural environment of the Arab states. Pikachu is actually brainwashing kids subliminally to “become a Jew”.

This stuff gets even funnier when you factor in South Park parodying the global toy hegemony that Pokémon offered and thereby inadvertently lining up with Islamofascists by telling jokes.

I think Mary McAleese is brilliant but her recent comments need a bit more reflection. The cartoons were crap and offensive. While I disagree fervently with the material published, I do not “abhor their publication”. I celebrate their publication. Only when they are published can you freely disagree with them. Denmark has a free press and the Danes should be thankful for that every morning. Saudi Arabia, where the President made her comments, doesn’t have any concept of civil liberty, never mind a free press. And there, the state run newspapers tell us that the disgusting lies of the Protocol of the Elders of Zion should guide us in response to Israeli politics.

Freedom of expression is founded upon the principle that if things are true, they should be freely said. If the cartoonist’s opinion is that Islam generates violence, then let that truth be reflected. If he was to write an editorial where he carelessly and freely wrote that opinion up as fact, then freedom of speech would be challenged by the compulsion to truth. In the Arab world, the anti-semitism is not padded by “in my opinion” like it is on late night radio phone in shows. It is passed off as truth. It may not be directly relevant to the Danish cartoon debate, but keeping the Jewish secret agents in the form of a Nintendo game in mind will help bring some clarity to the issues at hand and the moralising, politically correct hand waving that abounds.

YellowSnow was right to be angered at what appears to be reactionary prejudice against Islam and the people of the Middle East. But nothing particular is rotten in the state of Denmark (well, except for unsold butter that was due to be shipped to Yemen). The same can’t be said for Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the 20 Arab nations. If dancing on the street when towers collapse, celebrating the destruction of glorious Buddhist statues and rampant anti-semitism is a-ok but cartoons published in a different country by non-Muslims deserves fatwah, then we might have a problem. Islam is a religion of peace but contemporary Arab culture is not. Just as Christianity was still the following of a man known as the Prince of Peace in the 1400s, but Christendom was horrific. Free speech involves sometimes being shocked. It is worth it.

Now that I have had my incoherent go, here is the Bishop of Durham, NT Wright, addressing the House of Lords on the broader issue.

Finally, here is a hilarious but very cruel link to enjoy. And then feel guilty about enjoying.

Your Correspondent, He’s a big teaser, he took you half the way there.

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    I love slogans. It’s like shouting nonsense, but it’s scripted for you.

    On topic, the cartoons were actually distributed months after publication by a Muslim group or individual who actually added three FAR MORE OFFENSIVE pictures to the collection. I think it’s entirely possible that Muslims are being both mislead about the nature of these cartoons and are being used.

  3. OG says:

    Hm, interesting point Barrett. Dear Zoomtard, I can’t help but notice that Dave’s point about the cartoons distributed by Muslims is very close to something I myself said but which you poo pooed. POO POOED.
    I await your apology in writing.

  4. James Hackett says:

    I’m sorry OG.

    (Zoomtard has appointed me as his personal sacrifice. I am taking his transgressions upon myself, so punish or forgive me as you will.)

  5. OG says:

    That is very generous of you James.

    Zoomtard also owes me a tenner.

  6. James Hackett says:

    I talked to Zoomtard about that tenner but he just kicked me in the face. He’s so fast! He’s not letting me be his personal sacrifice any more. He says.. he says.. he says I s-smell too bad.