Guess Who Has A Day Off?

Fiona also has come up with a political survey to pigeon hole Irish people with websites politically. While I wait for my game of Football Manager 2005 (I am managing DC United) to load, I thought I’d fill it in.

Gender: Male

Age: (1-18; 19-30; 31-45; 46-60; 60+): 19-30

Nationality: Citizen of the Republic of Ireland

Country of residence: Republic of Ireland

Sexual Orientation: Straight as a Christian evangelist

Do you have a disability? A slight speech improvement that years of speech therapy hasn’t obliterated.

How would you describe your political philosophy? People tend towards being greedy and evil and bad. If the most possible people get consulted and are considered in a decision, then the evil gets spread thinly. So I am first and foremost a democrat. Socially left leaning with some flags that would worry a Labour party member and economically left with some flags that would… you get the idea.

Level of education (primary; post-primary; third-level; graduate; professional) Third-level. Hope to finish a Masters degree by July. Ha. The dreams.

If you were to vote on party lines which party would you choose (Ireland)? My Christian convinctions would make it impossible to tie myself to a party line. My little brother is in Fine Gael so my head is filled with their propoganda. I would tend towards the Greens naturally, but am as annoyed at them as everyone else who is sane.

If you were to vote on party lines which party would you choose (UK)? Liberal Democrats

If you were to vote on party lines which party would you choose (USA)
? Is there a choice? I’d choose the right wing party with better make-up, the Democrats.

Where do you stand on the EU? There simply isn’t enough connection between the politicians and the electorate. Whether it is perceived or real, there is a democratic deficit in the current structure. But I am an enthusiastic supporter, nonetheless.

Did you support the invasion of Afghanistan? Yes

Did you support the invasion of Iraq? I did not agree with the second Gulf War but I advocated the military overthrow of Saddam Hussein. I would support it if the principles were right, in other words.

Do you continue to support either or both of those conflicts? I think the Afghan experience will be a success. For Afghans, or Afghanerians, as we used to call them in college. I didn’t support the Iraqi invasion but I think it is important to eh, “stay the course”, I think that is how they phrase it.

What do you believe is the single biggest issue facing Irish politics? Whether or not Sinn Féin will be moderated by their growing support.

What do you believe is the single biggest issue facing European politics? The disconnect between what appears to be top-driven ideology and the feeling amongst citizens on the ground. Turkey is an issue though. The Danish cartoon shenanigans are proof enough of that.

What do you believe is the single biggest issue facing international politics? It isn’t international terrorism, islamofascism or global corporate hegemony. It is the shameful existence of death by hunger, thirst or illnesses that are easily treatable.

Are you, have you ever been, and do you ever wish to be involved in politics in a party political manner
? Nope. I am a supporter and volunteer of Tearfund though. They express most of my political opinions for me.

Who would you have voted for in the past US Presidential Election? Kerry. I prefer a leader who can doubt himself.

Your Correspondent, Will fancy any girl in a Johnny Cash t-shirt

4 Responses to “Guess Who Has A Day Off?”

  1. Orthoperplexis says:

    So you think the principles for invading Afghanistan were right? And your Christian convictions would not prevent you from tieing yourself to a UK party line?

    Orthoperplexed – not letting sleeping dogs lie

  2. James Hackett says:

    It’s you, isn’t it. It’s you who has a day off. Am I right? Am I? Can we all come over to your house and have a party then? Yay! Oh, it’s about politics. Sorry, just ignore me.

  3. zoomtard says:

    You are right Jimmy. And you win a piano as a prize. I’m off today as well so feel free to drop by to finish off what is left of the tequila.

    Ortho, listen, Afghaneria was plagued by the worst kind of culture hating, joy hating, women hating so and sos. Now they are no longer in power. I could believe America and Britain when they explained themselves. I am not a pacifist. The Afghan war was fought on a robust basis, I think. Please show me evidence to the contrary, if you have it.

    Assuming what I wrote about Labour in Ireland being the closest thing to a party I could endorse (but on so many details would violently part ways with), the same applies with the Liberal Democrats. The American Democrats- I’d have to gouge my eyes out in shame after voting for those greasy fat cats.

    Zoomtard – politics is a game he can’t play

  4. Orthoperplexis says:

    I am not sure what exactly you mean when you say you could believe America and Britain when they explained themselves. I can’t remember exactly what their explaination was,but I think all I heard was ‘Bla bla bla we are gonna get them Muslim terrorists’.

    I am not sure where I stand on military intervention to overthrow oppressive regimes, but all I can say is I think if that is what America and Britain claim to be doing, their strategy is a little selective.

    Orthoperplexis- doesn’t mean to be arrogant or nasty, but has had too few days off…