When in France…

… do as the French do. RIOT.

We sampled some of the world famous French cuisine too!

Rioting in France was actually caused by me and my verbal incendiary bombs at a pizza stall in a small suburb of Nimes. It has since spread to Denmark and some Somali pirates are blaming me as the motivator for their piratey antics all over some old rich Brits.

Has anyone seen the trailer for In Her Shoes at the cinema recently? How appropriate that its soundtrack is a U2 song about suicide?

In other thoughts, that are a little bit more valuable to humanity than the latest Cameron Diaz laugh-riot, if human maturity is marked by a contentment with delayed gratification (up for debate in and of itself), maybe the 9 months of pregnancy is nature’s built-in course in maturity?

Last Thursday night I heard a Zimbabwean churchman talk. He was the child of a very unhappy arranged marriage and as a young boy he was abandoned by his mother in Harare. He ended up in an orphanage where he was welcomed by being tied to a stake for days, regularly taking a whipping for his troubles. I won’t go into the nitty gritty of his very sad life because I don’t want to defile the pure Internet with tales of death and debauchery. Anyway, he ended up a sociopathic guerilla in the Rhodesian Civil War. He became a Christian in a big tent one night. He and his gang of hardy warriors were planning to bomb the tent. God or some form of psychological crutch reached right into his life and healed him. Minutes later, a rival gang bombed the tent.

What I quickly realised once again while listening to him was that Africans are very much our superiors in the preaching of the Bible. We tend to take an arrogant approach to the southern hemishphere church because we in the Western world are so dominant in practically every other area of life. He simultaneously talked of the individual need to accept Jesus while being very strong on the corporate communal nature of faith lived properly but more than this, he did it with total confidence in his every word. It was compelling and invigorating and inspiring and very long.

Best of all was when he slipped into a living version of a Simpsons’ scene. You know the scene where Homer is watching TV and there is this black stand-up comedian making fun of the way white people drive compared to black people and Homer cracks himself up for no real reason saying “It’s so true!” The preacher started mocking the students in Trinity for their dour faces and for the uptight way we dance and the tuneless warbling we call singing. Patronising, racially perjorative and inspiring at the same time!

This scene is getting old.

Your Correspondent, Agrees that JC is quite the gentleman

16 Responses to “When in France…”

  1. OG says:

    The same man in a recent interview said that the difference between religion and Christianity is that religion is man trying to reach out to God whereas Christianity is God reaching out to man. brilliant.

    OG – infecting all blogs with witty and intellegent speek

  2. Caoimhe says:

    Who is the man? Can’t bear these insider posts ;op

  3. stigmund says:

    You the man, Caoimhe! 😉

    Zoomy, it’s the end of an era. CaoimheB links here!

    What does this spell for the future of all at Zoomtard Inc.?

    And your JOURNAL?! 😉

  4. zoomtard says:

    OGger: That is a superb quote you dropped there to infect my “blog” with wit and intelligence. Tell me this, did Stephen appear on Gerry Ryan and if so, what day?

    By the way, we’re thinking of expanding furious thinking to include some angry girl living in France that Stigmund loves. Would you be interested in joining in too with your own blog to infect?

    Greengirl, we are talking about a guy called Stephen Ulungu. If he was actually on Gerry Ryan, I’ll rip it to mp3 and throw it up here.

    Stigmund, my journal is still a journal, regardless of Caoimhe linking me. I’m sure she just caved under pressure from the clamouring thousands who wanted a road off her site to mine. When my site starts being of general interest to people who aren’t stuck up their own arses, we’ll call it a blog. Until then it is a THEOLOGICAL SKETCHPAD and my t-shirt reads “pretentious”.

  5. OG says:

    I will only consider joining furious thinking if I get as great an introduction as Stigmund’s angry french belle. Why should she get all the credit for her fury?!

    Yes, he was on the Gerry Ryan show on Wed 9th Nov at 10.30ish a.m. It was good, but his interview on Newstalk 106 f.m. (the Karen Coleman show at 9.30ish) was where i got the quote from – it was a brilliant interview.

    OG – scratching her ear with her toe

  6. zoomtard says:

    Did anyone have the foresight to record them OGger or do I have to go sucking up to Newstalk? I heard he made Gerry Ryan cry. Is that true?

    I dream about Gerry Ryan sobbing on a regular basis.

    The wonderful thing about having your own site is that you get to write things in it. Stigmund took 2 months to get this idea straight so I ended up writing all his good entries for him. I wouldn’t make that mistake with you though so you’d have to come up with your own terrific introduction.

    I think I hate Karen Coleman more than I hate Gerry Ryan.

  7. OG says:

    He DID make Gerry Ryan cry! that’s why Gerry is so quiet during the whole show. I know it was partly recorded, the end of his talk is missing. I’ll find out from my boss about it and then get back to you. As for Karen Coleman, I haven’t a clue if it was recorded or possible to download, but i’ll get onto it for you.

    Actually, my reluctance for being part of this crazy thing called furious thinking is i haven’t a clue what it entails. i’ve only just got the hand of putting comments on blogs never mind getting one of my own. as much as i hate to admit my ineptitude in this matter, it can no longer be avoided.

    OG – slightly embarrassed

  8. stigmund says:

    Question: Is OG just a clever webname or is it for real? Either way, can you call yourself OhGeeWillikers!.furiousthinking.org?


    For me?

    For ol’ stiggypoo?

  9. zoomtard says:

    So Caoimhe, I’ll get the OGmeister to give me the tape and I’ll rip it to mp3 and put it up here and you can download it and be more like Gerry Ryan by crying too at this man’s powerful example.

    I may not be a ladykiller, but I know one thing about women. They all want to be Gerry Ryan.

    OG, writing a blog is a lot like writing threatening letters to celebrities. You just make them public and type them instead of cutting letters out of newspapers and magazines. I am sure it will come very easy to you.

    I don’t want to be some kind of blog-pusher but Stig has given you a rocking name and you can have a 50s themed style to things and it will be devastatingly stylish.

    Besides, if I am not giving too much of your identity away, did you not once go to an arts festival somewhere on a lark and come home with the best actor prize without any training? I politely suggest that ineptitude won’t stop you from doing anything.

    Zoomtard, doing nothing for Stiggypoo

  10. Angry French Belle says:

    A man just walked past my window with his fingers IN his ass. Now *thats* what I call a riot !!!
    What a wonderful country.
    Happy BlOGging OG.


  11. OG says:

    I don’t know about the rocking 50s name stiggypoo, but I promise I’ll think about it a bit more before I dismiss it callously for something classier. something with a bit more je ne sais quoi and méchant chat. Something that smacks one around the fanny-pack whilst having significant academic undertones which only the intellectually elite can decipher. like this one (inspired by angry French belle) http://www.finger-in-ur-ass.furiousthinking.com

    And Stigmund, I’m afraid that OG is slightly pretentious. It’s the sign off the Phantom of the Opera used in his letters so that he would be simultaneously anonymous and yet known. oooooh. There’s nothing quite like an unpopular culture reference to highlight one’s geekiness. however geek is chic at the moment. Or so I hear…

  12. zoomtard says:

    Well it is agreed then. OG gets the first porny furious thinking site but the AFB is your muse/creative director.

    Caoimhe can provide the feminist outrage.

  13. stigmund says:

    I have been simultaneously dissed and wowed by OG. I’m looking forward to her blog more than my medium-rare steak on Friday.

    Hell, I’m looking forward to it more than my first child.

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  15. Caoimhe says:

    “Caoimhe can provide the feminist outrage.”

    Caoimhe excells at many forms of outrage, sadly the feminist type isn’t one of them.

    Up The Rose of Tralee!

  16. […] So finally pulling myself away from Narnia for a moment, I am still trawling through my archives to remix myself. A few weeks ago I wrote about a preacher from Zimbabwe who I heard speak at work one night. He had an amazing effect on me and a conversation began in my comments. The Miss World of Irish Blogging, CaoimheB wanted to know who he was so here he is: Steven Lungu interviewed by Gerry Ryan on December 9th. (19mb – 42 minutes) […]