Words Abe Lincoln Rarely Said: “Let’s Dance”

Because Abe Lincoln was a manic depressive. This isn’t some crazy half baked idea like that theory that Jesus was gay because he had friends who were men but a pretty rigorous historical assessment from eye-witness accounts of his slumps from friends and from his own personal writing. There is an excellent but 5 page long (remember before broadband when you had an attention span?) essay at The Atlantic.

Neuro might one day, long after she retires from her current profession as tight-rope walker, grow up to be a bioethicist. As a result I tend to read all those stories that are so hysterical about life issues that they leave you with a distaste for newspapers. This story from the Guardian about parents asking the courts to overturn a Do Not Resucitate order because the baby has made immense and unexpected progress is one such story. What kind of mistakes are we making with life by legislating beyond our ethical abilities? People died long before medical advancements and we need to get our heads together and develop a thought-through response instead of the “grab and hold” approach to bioethics being practiced by both sides. They seek to swipe gains wherever they can in the hope that their argument will be strengthened by these ethical outposts instead of strengthening their arguments to the degree that they can just make a systematic response to the whole problem.

There is an interlude in the middle of the classic Beastie Boys song Sabotage where everything breaks down and in the midst of the chaos there is a moment of tranquility. Wouldn’t it be prudent if we could shut down all the rhetoric about embryonic stem cells and abortion and IVF and DNRs and take a moment to consider what is at stake, at what can be gained and what can be lost?

I think it would. So take a deep breath. Calm yourself. Let that interlude lull you into a focused place….

And now I incite the anger
Thankfully, we are all relaxed because now I have to depress you with the antics of hapless American Christians again. Berkeely University in California have a website explaining evolution for high school students. It is now being sued.

There are a group in America who intend to take over a strip of South Carolina and seceede from the United States, setting up a Christian theocracy where everyone will live in harmony and peace and love. The Bible probably says something about this if you rip every line out, mash them around counter-clockwise in a tub of cranberry juice for 6 hours at the beginning of a full moon and then choose 11 pieces and arrange them in a Star of David pattern next to a mirror. If you read the reflection it strongly suggests that these guys are right. Check out The Exodus before this train sails.

If the UK passed a law banning religious hatred, do you think that would mean that people really wanted to make selling the Koran illegal? Do you think that Jesus would have that on his agenda? Well, a maniac group called Christian Voice is trying to do just that. Maybe I can sue them for inciting hatred in my heart towards them for their ignorance? This kind of crap would make me want to go into hiding and that is why I’ll stop linking to crazy Christians now.

And So It Came To Pass, A Party Was Called
As it is coming up to Halloween, I was thinking that I would like to throw a party in my house for the whole of the Irish blogosphere. I haven’t discussed this with that Neuro person who spends a lot of time here but well, she will probably be drunk on that egg nog made from apple shampoo and Ukrainian egg flavoured vodka that she loves so much. The thing is though, some website told me that Halloween was evil and so I have decided against a fancy dress party. It will still be fun however because I am ordering a board game that combines two of life’s greatest pleasures- skiing and C++ programming. I wish I was joking but c-jump exists and there are children out there (or fuckercunts to use embee’s more florid language) who are punished by their parents with this as a toy. Still though, RSVP in comments if you want to learn about snowboarding and object-0rientated design at a hip party!!!1!!

As a final note, that Halloween link is from a site call Your Going To Hell.com. If God is a grammar NAZI, those boys are screwed.

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