There’s No Ear Candy Here

Let a moment of silence be had: Brian Kerr. 2003-2005. Unlike all the maniacs in Ireland who think that a man who 6 months ago was widely considered to be the A.K. Cajander of Irish soccer (oh you do know who he is- look at that moustache! You’ve been dreaming of that man all your life.) but who now doesn’t know his libero from his funnels, I think this is a mistake.

Call me crazy but I think the blame for our failure to qualify for World Cup 2006 is more a matter of social geography than early onset alzheimers from our manager. There are four million-ish people in Ireland. 13% of those people are not from Ireland and only come for a few years to work. That means we don’t have many soccer players to pick from. That is why David Connolly and Gary Doherty are in our squad. Jesus couldn’t get Doherty to the World Cup.

You know about determinism is, yeah? Richard Dawkins is a good example of what a determinist might look like. If the world is determinist, then I don’t believe in Christianity because it has convinced me but because I was destined to end up that way. Determinists believe that the blind forces of the universe somehow set itself in motion sometime and now its all unfolding until it peaks with the first Oscar winning Lepro-porn movie in 2046.

But if the universe is deterministc, blindly moving towards its culmination, I gotta ask: how splendiferous it is that we have somehow discovered, nay been destined to discover the true meaning of the universe. If the universe is deterministic, how remarkable it is that we were destined by the blind forces of the unvierse to somehow perceive that the universe is deterministic.

Maybe I’m making no sense at all. But I love lists. I hope you do too.

Your Correspondent, Hanging up in the belfry, where the bats and moonlight laugh.

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