I refuse to comment on whether I am actually the inspiration for one of the Gilmore Girls.

So long it has been, dear and avid readers. I am drowning in work. Not in the sense that Irish Ferries management might be drowning in water if they persist in their sacking plans. I have no opinion on that issue though on account of me being a bit ignorant about jobs and economies and the ferry industry. You might think I’m going over the top there by claiming that the management might be sent for a swim but French striking ferry workers hijaacked a ship and elite army forces had to liberate it. Talk about living up to the stereotype of the over-reacting French trade unionist. Where is Potato when I need a summation?

Yeah, so work leaves me as busy as an arms smuggler in Niger but there is light at the end of the tunnel. That light is in November though.

I hope you guys have been enjoying the unique and sometimes decrepit musings of Stigmund. He and I have been dreaming up ways of helping make the world a better place but I think we have finally found it here. Yes, that is right. We’re stripping and putting photos online. Somehow this is charity. I hope you feel the reflected glow of our empowerment.

Don’t stand in the way of our actualisation as women with your naysaying.

There are times when I just throw up funny links. This would be an example of one such link. I don’t really care whether you click on my hypertext littered entries but then there are sometimes when you simply must put off everything you were planning to do and follow my lead. Such a time is now. The Shining is one of Neuro’s favourite movies. If you haven’t seen it, find out why. If you have, relish this new perspective:

Kubrick’s final Shining trailer.

One of the things I like about the Bible is how deeply amusing some of God’s insults are (through his prophets). Now you can have that capability at your very own fingertips. Verily, I pray thou shalt be cast onto a steaming dung-heap, O ye love-child of Methuselah shall ye not love that link! If you don’t think that is funny, then only a weirdy looking comedian from the 80’s will sort you out. Jokes about Christianity are hardly cool, but at least they aren’t tear-inducing. The attitudes of US Attorney General Aschcroft revealed in this article by the Village Voice are. How can someone think the Jesus who said:

Then he said to them, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.”

would really want the church and the government to get married and merge into one horrible tyrant. The Christian church must be independent to stand against any injustice. It shouldn’t sell itself out for money or power or really nice architecture. Maybe that last one is my personal vice. But still. American Christians that may be out there, you guys need to get back to God’s agenda for you and forget setting your agendas for God.

While we are stuck on people Zoomtard doesn’t really like, Richard Dawkins proves this month that this former titan has now descended into asinine ambushes on the majority of Earth’s citizenship. I think this “satire” was meant to bite. Dick, I loved when you wrote books that explained your scientific research. But your fundamentalist and amateur philosophising is inferior on every level. Does Dawkins even do research anymore? Answer me!

Maybe the little boffin beauties behind this discovery can tell me. I loved this article. I don’t think it will be long now before they realise that tamarin monkeys do a mighty fine job of writing that software that neuro sells to galleries around the world.

Finally, Timoshenko is gone from the Ukrainian cabinet which is probably for the best since she is secretly Georgian but now her daughter is marrhing into rock royalty. Where royalty means someone dressed in leather. This is my final link. I am so subscribing to the Ukrainin VIP magazine.

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  1. In that essay, Dawkins sounded like a arrogantly smug snob, lording “wisdom” over others.

    In other news, you realise that Neuro doesn’t know if you’re going for a one or a two?