Haunted Cliffs of Moher

Haunted Cliffs of Moher

Originally uploaded by Zoomtard.

After I came back from Ukraine in July, me and Neuro and 7 other friends spent a week in Galway.

For some reason, I forced Neuro and Stig to drive across the Burren to arrive at the Cliffs of Moher very very late one night. It was pointless and therefore excellent in every way.

The photos taken on Neuro’s almost dead Olympus have a very strange eery effect but more importantly, if this post works, zoomtard now has photo capability. Almost 2 years in and we are adding this basic functionality. Yay. Verily.

Your Correspondent, Holding His Camera Like A Bible, Hoping It Will Offer Truth.

3 Responses to “Haunted Cliffs of Moher”

  1. potato says:

    That’s a great pic. Nasty, dangerous, evil person called Cliff Edge, whoever he is.

    Naturally I went to Google to try and find him. Search for “Cliff Edge”, hmmm lots of not very useful results.

    But “Clifford Edge” gives loads of results (imagine calling your child that)

  2. neuro-praxis says:

    You left it hanging there, Zoomflake, about who actually took that picture.

    IT WAS ME.

    He’s always stealing my thunder. And lightning. And rain. A weather theif generally.