Why tolerate the intolerant?

“Faithful must root out evil from scriptures” is the route marked out for us in an analysis by Steve Gushee. I know that I am banging on the same obscure piano key like a toddler throwing a tantrum but the ideas laid out in this article are a good example of the incoherencies that are passed off as enlightened tolerance.

In an article calling for greater tolerance, Gushee calls the God of Jews and Christians a ranting tribal deity and then goes on to say:

The claim of exclusivity — my truth is the only truth — is the principal culprit that triggers most of the violence in holy books and the jealous nature of their god.

which sounds very reasonable until we get to the next line:

We must strike that spurious claim and others like it from all belief systems.

Claims of exclusivity must, according to Gushee, be removed from our society as a worthy memorial to September 11th(!?). He makes that point by an exclusive claim in the form of a command to strike exlcusivity from all belief systems.

Religious pluralism is not tolerant. It is potentially the most tyrannical of all beliefs because it exalts itself above the others at the cost of others.

If you’ve had enough of me ranting about how to be tolerant, you could realise that not only do you not own 78% of the best 100 albums from the last 5 years, you’ve never even heard of 62%. Go hang your head in shame.

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  1. Adrian Mee says:

    Heh, ‘Gushee’. Wasn’t he one of the characters in Quantum Leap? One of the characters that we never get to see because he resides in the future (space year 1999).

    Luv & Hugs