This blog actually caused a landslide once

But sadly it is not causing a hipster-maniacal-panic. I had always thought Mac users were hiding their lack of personality behind an identity-laden consumer product. It actually turns out they’re just animals. AAAAANIMAAAAAAAAHLS!

Also, although print outs of this blog were once used to dam a small river in a tiny Peruvian village high in the Andes and thus saved the lives of the drought-stricken residents, it has not yet made the list of the 500 most influential blogs in the blogoszzzz….. I mean blogosphere. But come on, it doesn’t have Zach Braff or Mimi Smartypants on that list. It doesn’t even have CaoimheB on the list. I mean, come on! CaoimheB has been on TV to talk about blogs. With the red-haired lad from Newstalk!

I had sat down this morning hoping to write about ancient documents and deep insights into system analysis before wrapping up with a heartfelt but unsentimental assessment of our political malaise. There is no need though. Because the time is coming and is already here when our political Messiah rises to his destiny. Ladies, gentlemen, visit:

And finally, I never believed it made me go blind but when I saw it I had to reach for my glasses and then it struck me- the nuns were right all along!

Your Correspondent, Anticipating a Crash

One Response to “This blog actually caused a landslide once”

  1. Caoimhe says:

    Groucho Marx said it better than I could ever had……