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But at home it got them smacked

Sunday, July 31st, 2005

Live from Galway, here is the first ever fresh furious thought from Zoomtard. It has been a long, dry and fruitless summer for the 3 of you out there who loved the old antidisinformation site. It had to be closed down because of the diplomatic opposition of a certain Asian government and the insane cackling of the old woman who hung outside my house with a flock of pigeons asking for my autograph. She was kind of like that character from Home Alone 2, Same Jokes; Different City, except altogether menacing. So because of that we had to shut that site down. Luckily she got avian flu and either died or got put into quarantine. I don’t know for sure. Remembering stuff like that is why we’re spending all our porn ad revenue on expensive lawyers.

There will be no porn ads on this site. It is one of the preconditions of the utterly brilliant Neuro-Praxis joining us at this new virtual endeavour. Stupid principles.

I better go to bed. I hope to watch the old Charlie movie on dvd tomorrow afternoon and then watch the new freaky one on the big screen in the evening. Watch me bring it. While I watch, that is.

Your Correspondent, Luxuriating in Satan’s Music