Pope Poetry

In my final Pope related posting for all time, here is a poem JPII wrote in the late 90’s after a walk in St. Peter’s and published under the pseudonym “Andrzej Jawien”.

It is called The Rock, which is a reference to the first Pope, Peter, who was initially called Simon (which had reference in its origins to quicksand) and was renamed by Jesus as Cephas which was Aramaic for Petros. which is the Greek for rock. See?

I post it up here because it answers some of the quesions I posed on Monday about whether Karol ever had major, bowel shaking attacks of the Inadequacies, like every other Christian leader I’ve ever met. It seems he did and he articulates it as sweetly as we have come to expect and works through it with the help of his tradition (Peter) and finally his God (who is on the “pasture”). It is translated out of the Polish and so it has lost much of its appeal in the mouth but the ideas are great and I thought it was a fitting way to bring the Zoomtard Pontificate Frenzy 2005 to an end with some thoughts by the great man about the very thing that I had pondered on during his death.

The Rock

In this place our feet meet with earth from which so many walls and columns spring.
If you don’t get lost among them
But go on finding oneness and meaning,
It’s because that very earth leads you.

Here she not only bridges
The spaces of a Renaissance building
But also vaults interiors within ourselves
Who grow so very conscious of our weaknesses and failures.

It’s you, Peter. You want to serve as the substratum here for those who stagger
Toward some unknown goal, to make them go where you would lead their feet
So that spaces can be bridged through sight that helps thought to be born.
You want to be the one to serve the feet, just as a rock serves the hoofs of sheep:

The rock is also the substratum of this gigantic temple.
The pasture is the cross.

– Pope John Paul The Great

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