Got Lactose Intolerance?

A delightful irony while “driving” in morning traffic:
Hearing a famously staunch and unwavering Northern Irish Marxist describe John Paul II as “conservative”, “dogmatic” and best of all, “a propogator of a failed ideology”.

What kind of criticism is conservative and dogmatic? Are people really pissed off that the Pope actually was a Catholic?

Have you noticed how all the commentators are talking about how the next Pope must really react to the increasing secularisation in the world? Would you agree?

See, one of the most curious things that is happening today is that the world is not becoming more secular, contrary to popular opinion and (likely) your personal experience. The whole of the third world (and maybe even North America) are more deeply entrenched in a spiritual world-view than ever before and Christianity is growing all over le shoppe de monde. Catholicism grew more in the years of JPII than any other Pope. It is not receeding but because of the peculiar arrogance of Western Europe we either ignore this or silently pass the converts off as victims of poverty, bad education and general inferiority.

Maybe (Certainly) I am being harsh but there is a definite sense of “Sure, forgive them. They know not what they do. On account of being PRIMITIVE and all” about the whole phenomenon of the 3rd World revivals. Christianity was discarded in its earlist days because its case rested on the testimony of women and women were not entitled to testify in Roman courts. There is always a way to discard the claims of the inventor of tall tables if you want to create one. A favourite these days is subtle prejudice against the poor.

I think Christ would smirk at the Hindu-esque cycle apparent here.

My efforts at writing a zoomtard every day in the time I would have taken to write a threatening letter to a politician or TV personality have not produced the kind of high quality that readers like Johnny Depp and Pat The Cope Gallagher have come to expect. By the way, how can anyone hate Ireland when we can have a government minister who inserts “The Cope” into the middle of his name?

Maybe I should just
a) Make some funny lists like Mimi Smartypants
b) Trawl through my teenage notebooks like SarahB
c) Just publish the threatening letters here.

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  1. freak says:

    c) Just publish the threatening letters here.